Renaissance Health Centre | Las Vegas Homeopathy Renaissance Health Centre - Renaissance Health Centre is a practice based in Las Vegas that treats illnesses with the help of homeopathy, naturopathy and acupuncture. 702-258-7860.

  • Kim Galliher - Reiki and Massage Renaissance Health Centre - Meet our resident licensed massage therapist and eiki master, Kim Galliher. During a massage the reiki forces can lead Kim to work on a certain areas.
  • Homeopathy - Healing the Whole Person Renaissance Health Centre - A homeopath will focus on healing the whole person through the basis that the body can heal itself. To schedule a consultation call 702-258-7860.
  • Naturopathy Renaissance Health Centre - Naturopathic physicians believe in healing a person through nutrition, botanical medicine and hydrotherapy. Schedule a visit us by calling 702-258-7860.
  • What Is Prolotherapy? Renaissance Health Centre - Prolotherapy or sclerotherapy is an orthopedic procedure where natural substances are injected into the affected area to stimulate the healing process.
  • What Is Prolozone Therapy? Renaissance Health Centre - This oxygen-ozone injection is a homeopathic treatment that helps in ligament reconstruction. We use this therapy to treat chronic pain and much more.
  • Chelation Therapy Renaissance Health Centre - This type of therapy is usually administered via an intravenous solution that pulls heavy metals out of the body.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Renaissance Health Centre - This technique includes self acupressure to treat depression, anxiety, PMS and ADD. Find out more about EFT by calling us today.
  • Consider Nutritional Counseling Renaissance Health Centre - If you are not getting the right kind of nutrition this could cause fatigue, mood swings and more. With nutritional counseling you can get back on track.
  • Ayurvedic Medicine Renaissance Health Centre - The ayurvedic approach to medicine focuses on bringing balance to the mind, body, behavior, and environment to encourage self-repair.
  • Nutrition and Overall Health Renaissance Health Centre - Proper nutrition at any age can actually help reduce the risk of obesity as well as other conditions. Learn more about nutrition and overall health today.
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent Renaissance Health Centre - This is a therapeutic modality that provides electric current in millionths of an ampere. FSM can help treat fibromyalgia, myofascial pain and much more.
  • Intravenous Therapies Renaissance Health Centre - More and more doctors are becoming familiar with using intravenous therapies. We go over chelation therapy, oxidative therapy and vitamin/mineral therapy.
  • IV Vitamin C Treatment Renaissance Health Centre - We have found that high doses of intravenous Vitamin C can actually kill off cancer cells and drastically reduce the size of a tumor within a few treatments
  • IV Glutathione Body Detoxification Renaissance Health Centre - The Glutathione detoxification drip helps relieve patients of chronic fatigue syndrome, lyme disease, multiple sclerosis and Guillain-Barre syndrome.
  • Why IV Vitamin Therapy Works Renaissance Health Centre - When you take your daily oral vitamins it can take some time for them to be absorbed. IV therapy will put them directly into your bloodstream.
  • Myer's Cocktail - IV Nutrient Therapy Renaissance Health Centre - You'll recognize this therapy from Hangover Heaven but we have found that it is effective in relieving acute asthmatic attacks, fatigue, fibromyalgia & more
  • Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy Renaissance Health Centre - In IV H2O2 therapy, hydrogen peroxide is infused into the circulatory system through a vein in the arm to treat conditions such as candidiasis and more.
  • UV Therapy Renaissance Health Centre - To treat patients who have diseases such as fibromyalgia and psoriasis, blood is drawn and exposed to UV rays in order to create a self-generated vaccine.
  • What Is Ozone? Renaissance Health Centre - Ozone therapy is supercharged oxygenated blood that increases antioxidant protection, improves circulation and helps treat HIV, lupus and more.
  • Acupuncture to Treat Medical Conditions Renaissance Health Centre - Chinese acupuncture is used to heal the whole person. At Renaissance Health Centre we find that acupuncture helps treat chronic fatigue, insomnia and more
  • Craig PENS therapy Renaissance Health Centre - This pain treatment technique involves the insertion of tiny stainless steel probes through the skin and into the surrounding muscles and nerves.
  • Holistic Look at Anti-Aging Treatments Renaissance Health Centre - You can always use plastic surgery as an anti-aging treatment but this is literally only skin deep. Try a holistic approach that balances your hormones!
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture Renaissance Health Centre - Many believe that acupuncture is only used to treat stress. However, an acupuncture face-lift can actually be a holistic alternative to plastic surgery.
  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapy and Anti-Aging Renaissance Health Centre - Treating the signs of aging as a disease process through bioidentical hormone therapy has proven to be more effective than plastic surgery.
  • Osteopathic Medicine: What Is It? Renaissance Health Centre - Osteopathic medicine focuses on the musculoskeletal system. D.O's can identify structural problems by simply using their eyes and hands.

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  • Wi2Az - This is the go-to solution

    So, my daughter came home with nits everywhere in her hair. We treated her with Rid and it worked just fine. We followed the directions and produced a lice and nit free child who went back to school the next day. Her preschool teachers checked her multiple times over the next two days and it seemed I'd won the war. Then, on day 3, another nit was found. I called our pediatrician to see if I could use the Rid again so soon after the first treatment. Dr. said that due to the chemicals in Rid that can cause neurological damage,it cannot be used more frequently than 5 days. That was a problem for me. If DD had nits, that meant that lice could hatch at any moment and could lay more eggs before I could use the Rid. This is where TLC comes in.

  • Maple Book Lover - 5 HEART. BODY. SOUL STARS!!!

    This book! This. Book. It was amazing. Utterly stunning. Heart stealing. Soul searing. Gut wrenching. Beautiful. The feels? I felt them all. Heart. Body. Soul. I'm just gone over Lara and Kaz. I'm completely in love with The Revolution!!!

  • S. King - Very disapointed!!

    I had an older version of Printmaster and thought that it was time to upgrade. I have a Vista 32 bit operating system. The first time I tried to install it, it took 3 hours but crashed before getting installed. I restarted my system. I tried to install it again, 7 hours later and 90%, it failed. I tried for the 3rd time to restart system and install it and by the next morning, it had successfully installed. Since I just got it installed this morning, I was able to get a birthday card made and printed for a birthday today so I can't really comment on the whole product yet but considering the trouble of getting it installed, I would not recommend it.

  • ACEinJm - Superb customer service

    We bought a 2009 Vista years ago. We are city-dwellers, so it functions as our car. It gets hard use - often carrying three kids on salted sidewalks. It is just a terrific stroller: it is comfortable to push with one hand if carrying only one child, and it's the best available solution for multiple kids (not a double-wide, no one riding in the trunk, etc.) Most of all, though, UppaBaby's customer service has just been superb. Since the stroller gets such a work out, we've had a few broken pieces over the years - plus several at the hands of airlines - and the UppaBaby folks are immediately responsive and just incredibly nice. While it was under warranty they sent pieces for free; since then they have replaced others at a reasonable cost and with the same speed and politeness. Over the long-term, this matters a lot!

  • Vicki of CA - Works as it claims.

    So far, so good. I've used Crest Strips previously, but they don't touch stains between teeth very well. Only gripe is ONE SIZE does NOT fit all in these types of things. Still, works very well and priced well.