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  • Virbac Vet Aquadent Anti Plaque Solution - Vet Aquadent Anti Plaque Solution dogs and cats Virbac Anti Plaque Solution by Virbac dog and cat bad breath answer

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  • Gemma W. - Worst foundation EVER

    Like all the reviews say. Worst foundation ever. Feels like water! And goes on blotchy no matter what you try to apply it with. And within about 2 hours it's all started to come off. I'm scared to touch my face as I know some will rub off onto my fingers! Waste of £30. Will be going back to Mac.

  • Antoinette Nerys - Waste of money

    Waste of money. Does not work. Bought this and a urine test and after following instructions, came up positive for THC.

  • Anu Menon - No sensitivity unlike the crest white strips Does not taste funny Takes a short time 20 min Cons

    I got this from their website using one of the coupons on Instagram. There are so many of them and so I wish that they would simply sell the item for $29 instead of claiming they are $299 and giving everybody a 90% discount.

  • Paladorys - On behalf of adult film stars everywhere - We are angry about this product!

    What was once reserved for the elite echelons of adult film is now available for the general public?

  • NANCY JARDINE - Best Special Effects Ever!!

    The jaw dropping action starts immediately...with an everyman kind of guy as hero. The special effects sequences in LA are not to be missed. Nice background story of our hero growing as a man, and showing everyone he is responsible and can act when necessary, even if he is scared to death. My favorite action-special effects movie!! Bit of comedy thrown in provides a little comic relief,