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City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • snoopyrnc - Good product

    Excellent product, however had to return it because it would not fit in a step with a hitch installed. Return was easy and simple.

  • Doug - Hope it works as well as advertised

    My subscription of Norton is running out in less then 30 days. All indications show that McAfee is better. I've tried it in the past and didn't like it when compared to Norton. So I am hoping I like it better now.

  • ChrisO - Worked for a while

    For the first 500 to 1000 pages this cartridge performed fine. Now I get a 3/8" black line or two on every other page. I can't use it anymore. I am not satisfied. I understand that I paid less than half the price of a new cartridge but I can't be ordering a new cartridge after so few prints.

  • Jakob - used to be for asus

    Coming from being a long term asus only user I decided to try another brand. I was thoroughly impressed with the x99 classified board! The ui for the uefi bios was eons better than my previous x79 sabertooth board. I also have to tip my hat at the build quality. Btw, just an FYI, that optional cover you can put on is metal and looks way better in person!

  • Pookie Jones - 3M? Umm I dont think so.

    If this is 3M, then 3M needs to beef up quality control OR this is a less powerful 3M sticky formula because this failed to hold studio foam; I dont see how these would support a picture frame of any size. These things failed to support home studio FOAM (foam weighs nothing, foam is so light weight that just blowing air with your mouth on the foam would move the foam). I used 4 strips per foam piece (2 pieces on foam attached to 2 pieces on wall)... It worked for all of 3 minutes. I hung 1 piece then walked out of room to get a cold malt liquor beverage... with the plans of hanging the rest of foam then lay down a dope beat BUT when I returned to my lil studio the 1 piece I had hung was cold chillin on the floor because it had already fallen off the wall. The strip did stick to foam but failed to stick to the wall... My wall was clean (no kids, no dirty walls), I cleaned wall as instructed on the package. Wall has regular white paint (painted 4 years ago). I tried a second piece of foam... same result, within a few minutes it too fell victim... then I had 2 pieces of foam cold chillin on the floor. I was gonna create a beat for Slim Jesus to rap on but the failing foam killed my creativity.