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  • Triple oral fixed dose combination of glimepiride, metformin and low dose (7.5 mg) pioglitazone in the treatment of uncontrolled type 2 diabetes – Anand Moses CR, Rahul Balip | IJBMS - Abstract Background: There is paucity of data on triple drug combination containing low dose (7.5 mg) pioglitazone in Indian type 2 diabetes patients (T2DM).
  • A STUDY OF CLINICAL PROFILE OF COMPLICATED MALARIA WITH SERUM LACTATE LEVELS AS A PROGNOSTIC MARKER ASHOK.M.L*, PRASHANTH. V.N**, CHANDRAKANTH JAVALI*** | IJBMS - ¬†Abstract : Background;Malaria is of immense importance among tropical diseases in India. Pathophysiology of complicated malaria is multifactorial in
  • COMPLEMENT C 3 LEVELS IN METABOLIC SYNDROME ASHOK.M.L* , PRASHANTH. V.N** , HEMANTH KUMAR*** | IJBMS - ABSTRACT Background: The metabolic syndrome consists of constellation of central obesity, hyperglycemia, hypertension, hypertriglyceridemia and low HDL
  • A STUDY OF SERUM CYSTATIN-C AND ITS CORRELATION WITH MICROALBUMINURIA AS MARKER FOR DIABETIC NEPHROPATHY IN A TERTIARY CARE HOSPITAL ASHOK.M.L* , PRASHANTH. V.N** , AMOGH DUDHEWALA*** | IJBMS - ABSTRACT Background: Diabetic nephropathy is the single most frequent cause of end stage renal disease. GFR is the best index of renal function in health and
  • A study of FNA findings of malignancy in lymph nodes with special emphasis on metastatic malignancy – Swagata Dowerah , Reena Kouli , Tanuj Karmakar | IJBMS - ABSTRACT : Aims: This study was undertaken to describe the common metastases to different groups of lymph nodes and to underline the importance of FNA as

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  • Mark Belgen - A Movie That Finally Makes Sense of This President

    Finally, a presentation that explains the clearly illogical and obviously bad decisions that Obama has made as President. Backed with facts and evidence to support his conclusion after a lengthy investigative exploration into the life and relationships of Barrack Obama, Mr. D'Souza clearly demonstrates what has motivated this President to make the decisions that he has made and his predictions to date have come true. It makes perfect sense now why he has done what he has and we now know what his ultimate intentions are and why.

  • Jeremy B Welch - Everyone needs a MAGA Mindset... a great positive read!

    I am almost finished reading MAGA Mindset and I already feel inspired and more American then when I first started reading. In a world where Nationalism & borders is seen as "absurd", Mike explains the importance of America and what cross-roads our country is facing today. It is a very positive read and validates my beliefs of wanting to Make America Great Again -even when the media, entertainers, & politicians want you to believe otherwise.

  • SHEILA CHANG - Database Update Function Stops, Customer Service Poor

    I bought Kaspersky Internet Security in March 2013. In only 4 months the database update function has stopped twice for no apparent reason (the same thing happened last year with an earlier version). I thought it was my computer at first, and I spent a considerable amount of time and energy checking and having my computer swept for conflicting antivirus software (i.e., Trend Micro). My internet connection works fine so that's not the problem. The worst part is the sheer waste of time contacting the KIS customer support. They gave me the complete run around for over a month via email, finally advising me to uninstall and reinstall the product (which I did), downloading an app that creates a system report and sending it via email attachment to a tech. I followed every step - twice. Then after waiting several days for a reply, I was advised nothing could be done. I'm just out of luck with this product. So now I'm stuck with an antivirus product with an obsolete database that will not update. KIS2013 is a lemon.