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  • Craig - Has worked great for me :)

    This has worked pretty good for relaxing and calming me. I take it for slight anxiety, as I read in numerous different articles that a deficiency in Magnesium can cause anxiety/panic attacks. As the directions state, you definitely want to start out with a smaller amount and work your way up so you don't end up with the 'runs.'

  • Joseph M. Weinstein - Don't expect correct fit!

    Don't buy weathertech mats. The glossy high-heel ads in the magazines about the custom made all-weather mats for your car are misleading. They won't ruin your life or anything, but they do not actually make all mats to precisely fit a given car, or even connect with the mat-retention hooks for a given car!

  • Kandice - Works great for meal replcmnt/weight loss

    This taste really good! Even without anything added. However, I add fresh strawberries, and/or bananas to mine with almond milk and it's even more delish! I look forward to my smoothies everyday. I have been replacing 1-2 meals/day for 1 week and have lost 5lbs already along with drinking lots of water and portion control and sensible eating. No fast food or cokes either! I will be ordering more as soon as I get low. I have been struggling with weight loss since having my son, so to see something actually working is super exciting!! The first 2-3 days were hard and I was very hungry, but now it's really easy replacing 2 meals and worth it to see the lbs dropping off!

  • D. Elefteriadis - I tried to access a website that allows me towatch movies and connect it to the TV for full ...

    This was a gift we got a few years ago. it works with the devices we have from then - ipad 2, ipod, and iphone with no problems until today. I tried to access a website that allows me to watch movies and connect it to the TV for full screen viewing using the ipad and this dock. Sound only, no video. I also checked connectors, switched out RCA cables, etc. Still nothing.

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    I've used this source for several years. It provides easy to understand information. Definitely worthwhile. You can learn about the advantages used by some to limit exposure to taxes by resorting to standard IRS programs, such as IRA's, Roth, advantages of incorporating, how to make use of donations, etc.

  • Saint K - Perfect for me

    I just purchased one of these through the Sole online purchase system. I had an excellent experience with prompt delivery, great support from the carrier, ease of assembly and the treadmill works perfectly. I had the carrier bring the box into my house; it is very, very big and heavy-think 3 grown men to move it around. It unpacks easily and I set it up by myself. The only tricky part was in mounting the back console. The problem for one person is that it is moderately heavy and you need to align it with the uprights while at the same time making sure you don't pinch the control wires while at the same time inserting the bolts. I was able to do it but it would have been very easy if I had some to hold it up while I positioned it and put in the bolts.