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  • Hazen - Kava Kava

    This product is good enough I am not even going to try another brand. Unless I can somehow come across the actual root at a decent price. Two of these tablets, I take it with Velarian root, and you will not be able to stay awake. The longer I have taken them the better quality sleep I seem to be getting. I know it isn't meant for long terms use but after going down the benzo, and Ambien, route it is a miracle for me to be sleeping again.

  • Nivethan - Yes it works well

    I bought this after being recommended by a friend and it worked like a charm. After using this my apartment is cockroach-free. When one or two appear once in a week or two I just use it again and fine!

  • cshelskr - Price is right

    Hub loves this stuff! Bottle was almost a little too big as he's the only one that eats it, but he made it almost all the way through, lol. Will order again.

  • Kathy Jeane Hurst - Excellent investment

    I have not put this book to the test yet. My trip is in a few months but I feel as if I will be well informed having this book to reference. There is soooo much information and it is well presented and easy to find. I have so many bookmarks and notes in it! Rick Steve's came highly recommende by my sister in law who travels more than I do. She wasn't kidding...this book is great resource. I plan on taking it with me.

  • L. Thomas - Very good cleaner for laminate - vacuum only so-so

    Like several others, I also did a tremendous amount of research. A good friend steered me away from the Shark cleaner so I concentrated on other brands. The Bissell started standing out. My plan was to get the version without the sweeper but Kohl's (I had a discount coupon that made it about the same as Amazon price and I could have it the same day) only had the sweeper one in stock.

  • mike t - Great for a Baseball Umpire Working the Plate

    As a baseball umpire, working behind the plate, especially on double headers, I will perform upwards of 500 to 600+ squats a day...With over 200 games a year, most behind the plate, the knees really take a strain...I have tried several different types of compression sleeves for my knees over the last few years...They slip, the Velcro slips...always resulting in the sleeve falling down my leg and below my knee, where it doesn't do me any good. From the first time I tried them on to the first game I worked with them I knew I found something that will work. I've showed others what I have and they are all interested...But I know I won't wear anything else moving forward. Great product...