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  • ms60 - Waste of money

    Waste of money. I have the previous edition - it is not only useless but downright irritating. The descriptions are ludicrous, the organization appalling (even given the Lonley Planet approach).

  • Amber Sayle - Great Chair for Home and Travel

    This is a wonderful chair. I've used it with my daughter since she was about four months old and we take it with us when we travel, when we visit friends, when we go out to eat, etc. I also did a bunch of research on chairs before buying and was looking at the P&T metoo, the P&T Lobster, and a Chico chair. This one had the perfect balance of small size, portability (complete with a handy little pocket in the back that you can store her food packages and spoon in, or toys), and style. I'd recommend it above the other three.

  • Eva-Karin - I do think it's sweet, but I just add more water and ice ...

    I am lactose intolerant and so far this shake works for me! I do think it's sweet, but I just add more water and ice (maybe around 10 oz) and that means I get more shake to enjoy! My previous protein shake took a good 5-10 minutes to prepare in a blender due to all the extras I'd add to make it taste good. This takes less than a minute to make in a shaker cup with water and ice, which is huge for a busy mom!

  • Gloria - ZAP Restorer was a miracle worker for me!

    We have extremely hard water and have a well. We have a rust remover with our water equipment but we forgot to purchase the Red Out salt. What a mess! My plastic white laundry tub turned to a deep brown. I tried everything to clean it up but nothing worked---I figured I would have to buy a new tub. Then I watched the TV advertisement for ZAP and decided to try it before I made my purchase for that new tub. So glad I did. This stuff was remarkable! Hardly any exertion; practically cleaned off ALL of the rust by itself! The tub looks like new. Wish I could purchase this product at my local store. It is wonderful.

  • Hallel - Works great!

    My husband is on an antiarrhythmic. The doctor wanted to put him on another one which has really bad side effects and I, being a nurse, insisted that what he is on is fine. The doctor insisted on a stress echo to make sure there was no cardiac disease, since that would be a contraindication for him being on the current antiarrhythmic. He has been taking the Endothelial defense for quite a while as I wanted to be sure that his blood vessels remained clear. The stress echo was perfectly normal, allowing him to stay on his current medication. I believe that this was due to the endothelial defense. I researched and found studies that indicate this works to help keep blood vessels clear. I believe in this product so much that we have it on autoship.

  • L Wilson (TN) - Great reference book

    Great reference book for any level excel user. Love the sample exercises that come on the CD...great way to learn and practice.