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  • Amazon Customer - Error in manufacturing

    This bunny was the perfect gift for my sick daughter. However, the hello and the goodbye button plays the wrong songs. Hello plays the Goodbye song and Goodbye button plays Hello. On top off that unscrewing the battery was impossible the screw was stuck in broke the cover off instead. But love the product overall beautiful and the tunes. Harry looks exactly like harry the bunny beautiful. Would've been happy to receive exactly what I paid for but if it makes my daughter happy it's okay

  • Cins11 - Great color remover!

    I am a professional hair stylist and I am very pleased with the results of this color remover. I don't enjoy stripping color out of hair--it's so damaging. But this Color Oops left minimal damage, and I was very impressed. I only needed one box for shoulder-length hair. I followed the instructions on the box. I was removing demi-permanent color, and this really did the trick. My client's hair had a nice warm brown tone to it, close to her natural color, and we didn't tone afterwards because it looked quite pretty. We didn't do any other processing afterwards, just a protein filler to counteract any porosity damage (which you will get when doing any type of chemical treatment) and we then highlighted with a toned bleach (Kaleidocolor) 2-3 weeks afterwards, which turned out great. All in all, I am satisfied with the results of this Color Oops and I will use it again in a heartbeat if I need to.

  • trkerwf - well I like to think so

    Well after about one week of nightly applying this cream I can say that I do not really notice any difference in the dark circles - perhaps I really just need to get more sleep. Now that being the first part of the cream - I am not impressed. The second part would be puffiness - that I have noticed some difference. Under my eyes does seem to be less puff. Is it the cream, well I like to think so! I haven't really done anything different except apply this every night prior to going to sleep, so I would say it is helping with the puffiness, that is it is making it less puffy! I did receive this product for a discount or free price for my honest review . As you can see I test each product prior to reviewing it and tell you my personal experiences with the product. I hope my review has been helpful in some way and if so would you please click on the yes button below. Thank you and have a great day.