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  • http://www.hopak.or.ke/index.php/news/item/18-kenya-becomes-98th-full-member-of-the-who-programme-for-international-drug-monitoring Kenya Becomes 98th Full Member of the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring - Kenya has been awarded as the 98th membership to the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring. Through a letter dated 4th May 2010, signed by D...
  • http://www.hopak.or.ke/index.php/news/item/17-propoxyphene-withdrawn-from-us-market Propoxyphene Withdrawn From US Market - November 19, 2010 — The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has asked that propoxyphene, sold under the brand names Darvon and Darvocet by Xanodyne...

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  • Kiana - Will not mix with any other product

    I purchased this from Family Dollar. This product doesn't mix with anything ! Coconut oil, gel, nothing ! It leaves flakes in my hair and I've tried multiple times. It has a pretty okay smell that sticks to your hair so that a plus. But I've tried many different times, different ways hoping my cul pattern would pop but just kept getting flakes leftover.

  • Golden - an evil woman is much worse than an evil man

    Got this on Kindle the other day. Have we all known about this for years? YES, many people in position have been trying to warn us this for years, way before this election. But why do we ignore it? Why are we actually letting her run for president? and we wonder why our government is so messed up. Serious people, who gives a care she is a woman, an evil woman is much worse than an evil man. She will end up destroying the future for some good honest female to ever run due to her dealings. Why destroy the future for other women? The answer to how did she get this far, is read the book, it has nothing to do with she qualified for this,, by far.. liar and manipulator. Not till now I told myself it was my duty as a voter to find out as much as i can on both. It gets worse and more scary the more I learn about this woman. Guess what? it is not Hollywood rumor America seems to love and soak up, this is the real stuff, the things that matter and our future, WAKE UP AMERICA