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  • StLninja - water filter

    Looks like the old one, haven't got a chance to try it out yet but don't see why it wont work! fast shipping too! i received this at a discounted price.

  • LpDoubled - Perfect Gift for my Boyfriend

    He lost his pair one night, so I decided to replace them. (Gold Frame/Crystal Green G-15XLT Lens) - they are just so good-lookin' on him! And for the price, pretty great deal for Ray-Bans. He has very sharp features and a chisled jaw, so these things look just amazing on him. I have a much rounder/moon face, and I would not suggest these for people like me haha.

  • sunchik - Curb the craving

    Works to help avoid the sweet cravings I usually get. The taste isn't the best so I place a few drops in empty capsules I purchased at Whole Foods.

  • Kevin - We are living in a historical election, and Mike is taking note.

    Win or lose, love or hate him, you cannot deny that Trump's campaign will be remembered and studied for generations by experts who may not even understand how exactly to study it. For his third book, Mike Cernovich tackles the difficult task of approaching and summarizing the America we live in today, and how Donald Trump managed to take it on with no holds barred.