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  • Decodedchickk - Honestly Surprised!!!!

    I was a little leery when I saw these. But decided to take the plunge and order them. I'm a very healthy person other than the fact that I drink a few energy drinks a day (3 kiddos). So anything to try and get that to no energy drinks is worth a shot!! This morning I took one, added it to water to ultimately test if it tastes like nothing, since most products claim that and it is most of the time not the case. Anyways, all you do is peel the sticker and stir it in your drink. So thats what i did, then drank it. Tasted like nothing as claimed and ALSO gave me energy very fast!! I drank it about an hour ago and im still full of energy, I love this!! I will update more if there is some sort of crash later. I definitely recommend these as you can put them in your purse for on the go purposes!!

  • D. Platt - Great product. May need to find alternative way that works best for you.

    I use and love doTERRA products. I found that this works best for me by rubbing it on my stomach or on the front flap of my ear.

  • Kenneth A Hallberg - I like it!

    Used it all weekend and loved it. I am running wifi at about 12Mbs up and down with very little buffer time. Take my advice and either have or buy a small usb keyboard with a track ball otherwise your setup time will be longer. The cable companies no longer have a noose around my neck!

  • Geoffrey Openshaw - Easily Their Best Since "Futures"

    After three middling albums starting with 2007's "Chase This Light," it looks like our friends from Arizona decided once more to fiddle around with sonic textures and sounds, and the results are terrific. This is certainly not the best Jimmy Eat World album, and you'd be hard pressed to find the magic again to outdo "Clarity," one of the best records of the past half decade.

  • DIEGO - test freak

    dear friends this produc did not meent the espectacions because did not see result i am disillusioned but nice presentation