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  • Audioslave - It works but you can't trust dealerships to do it right.........

    I paid the dealership and yes, was overcharged for them to apply it. They didn't do a good job and only gave it one coat max.

  • Raj P - great lavender smell

    It kind of little expensive, but i dont use this on a daily basis. i love the lavender smell and the good lather. I have used it 4 times until now and am quite satisfied

  • Pete - The light itself is perfect in my line of work

    The light itself is perfect in my line of work. I work in corrections, and sometimes things on the duty belt, just get in the way. This light slips into my rear pocket, besides my wallet, and is out of the way, no snags. Bright, Heck YES. I work nights, and this is seen from ANY side of the institution, and lights up the darkest area's I need to see when walking the Prison at night. Easily concealed, and quick to deploy. Rugged yes. Now I did have a Problem with my first one, but ThruNite QUICKLY replaced, and the quality of their service will get me to get more from them in the future. I do suggest the Cool white and not the Yellow emitter, much better to see with. Now I jus need to find a Wallet attachment that holds the light upright all the time, I bet if I talk to these Kydex folks, I could have one made.... HHHHmmm.....

  • Ruth W. - Experience of cancelling

    I used the products for several months, without results. When I called to cancel any future orders, I was kept on hold for over 20 minutes. The assistant was very courteous, however, tried for another 15 minutes to convince me to take advantage of a discount and also a magazine. I had a hard time getting her to finally cancel future orders. EXASPERATING!!

  • KWheatle - Toss out the Tampons and Sanitary Napkins

    This product gets 5 star because it can be used for 12 hours without changing - no more checking every couple of hours or needing to run to the bathroom to change anything. It took me a couple tries to get it properly fitted (being that I have never done this before) to not experience spotting. I also gave this product a try because as I got older my body became sensitive to the sanitary napkins even the ones that are non scented.