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  • kevern - Very effective!

    I noticed my teeth were whiter on the second day. These strips are easy to use and work very well. This new set of strips sticks to your teeth nicely - they are much easier to use than the original Crest Whitestrips. Highly recommend.


    ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING SMELL!!! I sprayed it one spray into my toilet bowl, figuring I could flush it and get rid of the smell if it was too bad. Wrong again, Sparky. The smell was so vile, so enveloping, so tenacious that flushing did no good at all. The ventilator fan was not enough to remove it. I became afraid that anyone using my bathroom in the future would think I had something crawl up inside my butt and die. I put half a can of Ajax in the bowl, swabbed it with a toilet bowl brush, and let it sit for half an hour. It was a lot better after that, but I could still smell it the second I went into the bathroom. I am thinking of burning my house down.

  • Matt L. - 2 years later, and still working well.

    Two years later and my wife is still using this to keep the half finished 3rd bottle of wine in good health till the following evening, kidding of course. It has been used about once a week to cap a partial bottle and overall the wine will keep ~3ish days with the pump. It was purchased in 2013 and is still going strong.

  • Amazon Customer - Great car seat

    Great car seat! Our 11 month old loves it and fits perfectly. If you move car seats between cars frequently then this one is not for you. Installing the seat in my 4 door sadan was no easy task. My only really complaint is that the harness is difficult to get tight enough once the child is in the seat. I often have to reach behind the seat and manually tighten in with the shoulder straps and then pull the tightening belt in the front. Not a big deal though as it's pretty quick to do. Although once he is forward facing I'm not sure how this is going to go.