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  • Amazon Customer - After the first week....

    I received my NuWave a week ago and have used it every day. I will be first to agree that the shipping is absolutely outrageous. I would rather a company say "we are charging you $89" instead of only $99 plus s/h that cost as much as the product because we know you are too dumb to figure it out." I purchased the "free" pots and pans and feel that they were a fair price. I am pleased with the quality of all of the pans. I have made breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I am pleased with how fast it goes from cold to ready to cook. My kitchen has stayed much,much cooler than when cooking on my cooktop. I made a wonderful shrimp dish with a cheddar sauce and liked being able to sautee all of the fresh ingredients ,stir in the cheddar set the temp and leave it to meld until I was ready to sautee the shrimp and then serve with pasts. It was great for making a fresh creamy ganache that I slathered over a coconut cheese cake. I set the temp and the sauce stayed hot and creamy withoit scorching or lumping. I had to call Customer service and was on hold maybe 3 minutes. So far so good. I have not had any issues at all. My Niece has had hers for over four months and also purchased the grill, she uses it for grilled burger's,veggies, chicken, shrimp,and fish. She uses it at least once a day and is exteremy pleased with it. Hope this helps. I do think it is worth the total price just know that the s/h is a real joke.

  • Thomas W. Wittman - Once more an American product is Chinesed

    I saw one of these at a hardware store recently and could not believe the nerve of people taking an excellent design and getting a bunch of copies made in China and selling them cheap. Well this is a cheap copy and does not have the patented spring loaded doors that the original Black Fox trap from the Trapmaker has, So squirrels can get out. I am buying my traps from the USA.

  • Janie HS - Dry reading

    How can travel writing be so dry and dull? There was none of the joy of discovery or adventure I expected.

  • taylor swift (real name) - NOT WHAT I WOULD CALL ''GOOD CONDITION'' AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the book itself is fine. however the binding was broken when it arrived. the used review said '' used-good''. I expected once and a while a note or two. instead the binding was completely broken and the pages sticking out of the book. that is not what I call ''good condition''. I would call that bad condition. because I was expecting and good copy for a used book. instead I found a big peace of junk. I would make the review used BAD condition. so ''good condition'' to the review is BAD condition to everyone else in this world. I WAS NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL!!!!!

  • Peter Pace - Now I understand...

    and am doing something about it. From what I have read, my flat feet are causing a ton of problems for me. I did not realize that the body is a system and when one thing goes south, all these other problems appear. So now I am starting into the exercises. I really enjoy this book and find it very readable and understandable.

  • Byron Taylor - Does what it says and very well

    The inside of my toilet tank was almost black with iron build-up, the water was flushing pink. One use of this cleared that up. I was personally amazed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!