Haze - The National Environment Agency - Singapore has been affected by severe smoke haze due to forest fires in the region periodically. Find out what NEA does to equip the public to deal with haze.

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  • Karl A. Hintz - Spore Breaks Windows Media Center

    Spore breaks Windows Media Center. Once Securom was installed, I haven't been able to record any television with my computer.

  • Jared Hay - Best Phone

    This phone is so much faster than the Galaxy S6 Edge I upgraded from. The biggest difference I noticed was the battery life lasts double what the last phone did. Plus, the screen is big. Can't go wrong with the Ultra HD resolution. The only problem I have with it is that it's the Italian version and won't let me use the Samsung Pay like my American S6 Edge did. Kind of a bummer, but we still live in a time where I have to lug my driver's license around, so my credit card might as well come along for the ride.

  • Rene - Great Camcorder

    This is a fantastic camcorder. I am absolutely definitely very happy with it. Came with a charging cable and user manual also. It has a 16.0 max Megapixel, HD 720P, 16x Digital Zoom, image stabilization, Li-Ion battery. That is just a few of the things the camera has. The video well record my daughters baseball game, really shows what the camera can do

  • Mahimahi - Nest Thermostat nearly destroyed my new AC equipment

    I am returning the Nest thermostat tomorrow because it is constantly powering the AC on and off every minute or two. It is apparently a problem with the trickle charge necessary for the thermostat's built-in battery. Newer AC equipment like I have (two years old) is more sensitive to this situation and reacts by constantly turning the unit on and off according to Nest's technical support. After dealing with this problem for a week I reinstalled the old thermostat to keep the AC equipment from being destroyed by the constant power cycling. Nest is aware of the situation and promised they would send a technician out to correct the problem. But empty promises are not what I expect when I spend this much money (and time) on a thermostat that is twice as expensive as any other thermostat. The Nest technical support is friendly and apologetic but they will never follow thru on any promise nor ever return a phone call. If you have newer equipment and don't want to serve as a guinea pig, I recommend waiting until Nest resolves their technical problems along with their personnel problems.

  • Steve Cataldo - Great product, great price, intriguing name

    This is going to be similar review to the Green Coffee Bean Extract review, as I've been using those pills in combination with the Garcinia Cambogia for the last few weeks. Combined they have not only helped me to curb my appetite, but I have also helped me to lose about 15-20 pounds of weight with proper diet and daily walking. The dosage on the Cambogia is a little bit larger, at 3 pills prior to each meal, but they were very effective. I used to keep eating and eating until the plate was empty, or the pizza was gone. Once I started taking the full dosage of Cambogia, after a small meal I would feel full. I didn't want to keep eating. And even when I went all out, and got a pizza, I could barely finish it without feeling stuffed.

  • Shadee - I had to place 2 orders for this before I finally got one.

    The knife itself is an awesome product. Unfortunately, I didn't actually receive it until I placed a 2nd order for one. Apparently the first one hadn't been packaged properly. It sliced itself through the box and took out our mailman as well. Luckily it came with a pull-out replacement mailman feature.