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  • Deanne B. - Love it!

    At first it made me jittery. By day 2 or 3 it was fine. Within the first week I have dropped 4 lbs and kept them off! I use it with the Fat burner drink mix and I am getting great results! Tablet in the morning and drink with lunch. I have cut down a lot of calories and have gotten more active. I am having great results with these. Great product!

  • msn37 - Wonderful to have the real Suzanne back

    Ready to Roll is set in a comprehensible world, with interesting characters whose acts of selflessness and bravery defy human cynicism - not reality. (No zombies or magic powers, thank goodness). The recent shorts have been quite good, but this one even introduces a boatload of tadpoles we will hopefully get to enjoy "growing up." And, of course, having Izzy back full force is pure pleasure. A must read for S Brockmann fans: even those who found the venture into YA horror/fantasy nauseating

  • Breanne Bryson - miracle tool!

    This is a dream come true! I was skeptical about this product but the amount of loose fur it took off of my dogs is insane! my puppy sheds terribly and it makes her very itchy. I can say she thoroughly enjoyed this shedder and she sat still for about 15 minutes while I used it.

  • Bryan Kilbourne - School bus route help

    I use for short trips and to get directions from point A to point B within the state. Local travel is what the Tom-Tom and Garmin units are designed for. But where S&T beats the small units hands down is when planning long distance trips. There are many congested areas of the country I refuse to drive through (I-95 through the CT-NY-NJ area.) With S&T all I have to do is tell it to avoid this area by dragging the mouse over the map and the planned route is instantly modified. S&T also beats the small units when manually re-routing a trip. All you have to do is click on the route and drag the route marker where you want to go. S&T also provides a much greater overall map view of your trip as you are driving (you can see your progress on the entire trip rather than just a quarter mile ahead of you.) This is great with the kids/grandkids in the back seat watching the progress of the trip and seeing how far they have gone and how far they still have to go.

  • Dr. No - Nioxin Intensive Therapy Hair Booster

    I am rating the seller. The product was delivered extremely fast, something like two working days. I am extremely happy with the service from All In One. 5-Stars for the seller.

  • Veronykah - WAY smaller than they should have been. I wear ...

    WAY smaller than they should have been. I wear and 8.5 and ordered one, almost couldn't get them on. Order a half to full size larger.

  • Amazon Customer - and my eyes feel so so much better! No more crusty itchy feeling like there is ...

    This tea tree oil is full strength... I mix it with vitamin e oil and 50-50 to use to combat eyelash mites. Everyone has eyelash mites, they are a friend to lash health in small numbers. But if you have immune system issues, or are older, or dont't take off your makeup at night they can multiply and become a problem. Tea tree oil is one of the easiest and simplest solutions! It has helped me starting from the first day. A tiny bit goes a long way. It can sting if it is too strong and be irritating so do not try it full strength. I clean it off with Occuvite, and my eyes feel so so much better! No more crusty itchy feeling like there is sand in my eyes.