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  • Robert Evans - IVE LOST 20lbs and I HATE exercise!

    This baby is the best! I simply get on it and move! After 30 minutes Im done watching TIVO...and I did my deed for the day!/..Very low impact with awesome results!! I am not an exercise person at all. I always got so bored. This I simple unfold very easily and get on it. Ive lost 20 lbs using this in 6 weeks! Another 20 to go!

  • amoreno - ... lost 5 lbs working out 5days at week works great i highly

    I bought these pills at gnc 1st week did not see results but 2nd week wuuuuaa lost 5 lbs working out 5days at week works great i highly recommended

  • Wm D. S. - Unbelievable!!!

    I have suffered with constant constipation for many years and I've tried it all, fiber every day, fruit every day, fiber cereal every day, yogurt every day, and finally I started trying different probiotics. During my trial and error attempts with probiotics I have experienced the same problems as everyone else, gas and discomfort etc.. I found one probiotic that worked wonderfully (centrium pronutrients) but then it was discontinued sadly...

  • Joyce Arnold - Henckle Knife block set

    I was not impressed with the handles of this set. The blade did not run throughout the handle and they were very light in weight. I was impressed with the sharpness however. All the knives were serrated which could not be sharpened. The Sabatiar set I purchased at Amazon had much better handles - a sharpener instrument and scissors and very nice handles --- but they are not sharp.

  • Citymommy123 - I was skeptical at first, as the paper quality ...

    I was skeptical at first, as the paper quality seemed flimsy. My toddler has indeed ripped off many of the flaps, but he loves to "read" this book and it has helped him learn to identify animals, food and everyday objects. It's very similar to the First 100 Words small board book without flaps-- you probably don't need both and that one stands up to more abuse since it has no flaps to tear off!

  • Gary Bodwin - I Love My Yonanas

    Yonanas is a great little machine. Healthy Foods, the company that makes the machine provides great customer service the their website has many great recipes and tip. I love my Yonanas. It makes eating more fruit easy and satisfying.

  • Janet S. Underwood - Fit perfect and look good

    These arrived on time and in good shape. I needed an oil change so I took them to the garage and asked them to put them on for me. They didn't have any problems with them and they fit perfectly. They look great! I think they make my car look new. The only odd thing about them is that they "whistle" when I'm turning a corner and sometimes when I'm driving in a straight line. Other than that, I'm very satisfied with them.