Harry Key - Provocative speech and confidence coach - A provocative speech and confidence coach using humour and challenge to unlock your ability to people speak clearly and confidently. Also do a bit of writing and speaking.

  • http://www.harrykey.com/coaching/ Coaching - speech and confidence | Harry Key - Speech and confidence coaching - I offer one-on-one coaching privately and for individuals within companies. My approach is abnormal, fun and very effective. I work with people to develop your presence. If you’d like to arrange coaching for yourself or your people, get in touch.
  • http://www.harrykey.com/training-workshops/ Training Workshops | Harry Key - Speech and confidence coaching - Authenticity and presence, particularly in the way we speak. I work with companies to develop customised training programs that respond directly to your needs.
  • http://www.harrykey.com/what-is-provocative/ What is Provocative Style? | Harry Key - Speech and confidence coaching - Based on a style of psychotherapy, Provocative Style is a humorous way of interacting with the world, challenging people around you to be more fun, friendly, thoughtful and funny.
  • http://www.harrykey.com/about-harry-key/ About Harry Key | Harry Key - Speech and confidence coaching - I am a provocative speech and confidence coach. I share skills with people and use humour to challenge them, so that they may find a presence that is persuasive, congruent and confident.
  • http://www.harrykey.com/on-uptalk-the-high-rising-terminal-and-the-australian-questioning-intonation/ On Uptalk, the High Rising Terminal, and the Australian Questioning Intonation | Harry Key - Speech and confidence coaching - Australian Questioning Intonation and how Paying attention to how you inflect your voice will make a huge impact on your career prospects.
  • http://www.harrykey.com/talking-tips-video-belly-breathing/ Talking Tips VIDEO: Belly Breathing | Harry Key - Speech and confidence coaching - Breathing has a remarkable impact upon your body's chemistry, you health, and your mind. Breathing differently can help you relax, focus, and speak well.
  • http://www.harrykey.com/talking-tips-video-what-do-i-do-with-my-hands/ Talking Tips Video: What do I do with my hands? | Harry Key - Speech and confidence coaching - This video focuses on body language while presenting, to help you speak more clearly, give better presentations, and improve your self-confidence.

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