Commercial & Personal Legal Services | Harper Macleod LLP - Harper Macleod LLP is a leading independent Scottish commercial & personal law firm with offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lerwick, Thurso & Inverness.

  • Why Choose Us As Your Full Service Law Firm | Harper Macleod LLP - From personal to business legal advice, we are a full service, award winning law firm whose solicitors service clients' interests in Scotland, the UK and beyond.
  • Legal Team | Harper Macleod LLP - With decades of experience in every discipline of law, our partners and solicitors deliver the highest quality legal advice in Scotland.
  • Legal Advice & Industry Knowledge | Harper Macleod LLP - Our legal team is one of the most experienced in the country. Our industry groups consist of lawyers with extensive legal, market and sector knowledge.
  • Banking & Financial Sector advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Our team are trusted advisers in the banking & finance sector, working closely with both banks and borrowers and providing specialist legal advice.
  • Energy & Natural Resources Law & Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Our award-winning energy and natural resources group provide innovative legal advice on every aspect of the energy supply chain.
  • Entrepreneur & Start Up Legal Advice In Scotland | Harper Macleod LLP - We support Scotland's entrepreneurs and investors thanks to our own culture of innovation. Our dedicated team provides expert legal advice.
  • Food & Drink industry ;egal advisers | Glasgow | Edinburgh | Inverness - Our dedicated Food & Drink team provides legal advice to businesses of all sizes throughout Scotland and beyond. Drawing from specialist lawyers from one of Scotland's largest firms, we know the sector inside out.
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences Sector Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Get expert legal advice from our team in the Healthcase & Life Sciences and biotech industry across Scotland and the UK.
  • Insurance, Risk & Personal Injury Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Headed by partner Elizabeth Mitchell, our insurance team provide specialist advice to meet the needs of every client.
  • Private & Public Sector Project Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Our team advises a wide range of stakeholders - from government and public sector bodies to multinational companies and - on major projects and project finance.
  • Land, Property & Building Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - With one of the country‚Äôs largest Real Estate & Construction teams, we advise clients across all industries and sectors on their requirements.
  • Retail Sector Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - We provide expert advice to high street, independent and online retailers across Scotland and the UK.
  • Sports Law Legal Advice in Scotland | Harper Macleod LLP - Recognised as Scotland's leading sport law firm for more than 20 years, we advise on every aspect of law in the sporting world, in Scotland and beyond.
  • Technology Sector Industry Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Businesses in the technology sector in Scotland experience different challenges to most. Our legal team understand this, and can provide expert advice.
  • Public Sector Industry Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - The public sector in Scotland and the UK faces myriad challenges. Our specialist group can advise on all matters of policy and law for public sector bodies.
  • Transport Sector Industry Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - We provide legal advice to many businesses and organisations operating in the transport sector, in areas including road, haulage, rail and shipping.
  • Legal Advice For Highlands & Islands Businesses | Harper Macleod LLP - One of Scotland's leading firms of solicitors, with offices in Inverness and Thurso. We have extensive experience doing business across the Highlands & Islands.
  • Legal Advice On EU & International Business | Harper Macleod LLP - Get help growing your business beyond the UK and expanding into new markets from our dedicated, specialist international team.
  • Scottish Law Firm | Doing business in Scotland | Harper Macleod LLP - As a full service Scottish Law firm, we work with firms across England, Wales and beyond, providing them with the Scots law expertise they need.
  • Corporate & Commercial Legal Services | Harper Macleod LLP - Full service corporate and commercial legal advice for all business, enterprises and organisations from one of Scotland's leading firms.
  • Banking & Financial Legal Services | Harper Macleod LLP - We are trusted advisers to both funders and borrowers in the banking and finance sector across the UK.
  • Brand & Trade Marks Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - We are specialists in brand protection and management, helping you to look after your brand, maximise its potential and react effectively to threats.
  • Broadcasting, Media & Entertainment Law | Harper Macleod LLP - From broadcasting and publishing agreements to sponsorship and endorsement, our legal team can provide expert advice and guidance.
  • Business Law & Commercial Contracts | Harper Macleod LLP - Build the best possible relationships with your customers, suppliers or partners. We offer a free consultation on all contract enquiries.
  • Charities & Social Enterprise Legal Services | Harper Macleod LLP - Get specialist legal, regulatory and commercial advice from our dedicated team. We advise charities, not for profit enterprises and more.
  • Corporate Lawyers & Legal Advice | Scotland - Our business advisers provide expert corporate law legal advice, and work tirelessly to help your business. Based in Glasgow, Edinburgh & Inverness we service companies in all sectors across Scotland.
  • Construction Law & Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Our construction and engineering team provide legal advice to developers, contractors and consultants across Scotland and the UK.
  • Community Group Project Law & Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Community group projects can energise and grow a community. Our expert legal team can help you achieve your goals.
  • Crowdfunding Law & Legal Advice | Harper Macleod LLP - Our dedicated team can advise on the legal implications of crowdfunding for your business, and how best to access alternative funding sources.

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