Gut Health | Fix Your Gut | Reduce Gut Toxins - Dr Vincent Pedre discusses how restore your health by first restoring your gut to optimal health. The author of 'Happy Gut Life' is on a mission cleanse Americans with unhealthy gut flora.

  • Heal your gut | Cleanse Your Gut | Improve Digestion - Your gut can be inflamed by stress, bad sleep, bad food, sensitivity to food and can lead to Leaky Gut Sysnrome. Learn why Dr Pedre has renamed it the ‘second brain’ and why it controls moods, temperament and our overall health
  • Gut Cleanse |Stop eating Gluten | Fix IBS - Learn how daily toxins have wreaked havoc on our guts. Fix your child’s health by feeding them a diet that promotes a healthy GUT. Dr Pedre explains the problems he had as a child and how he fixed his LEAKY GUT
  • Gut restoration Program |Dr Pedre’s Newletter| Improve Gut Health - Sign up for Dr Vincent Pedre’s newsletter and learn how to restore your gut to optimal health. The author of ‘Happy Gut Life’ shares his astounding views and research on maintaining a healthy gut.
  • Improve Gut Flora | Improve Intestinal Problems | Restore your Health - Learn about Dr Vincent Pedre and the 28 day DETOX PROGRAM for restoring you to OPTIMAL GUT HEALTH. Learn about Dr Pedre’s philosophy on DETOXING and improve your well being by restoring your gut
  • Gut Cleansing | Leaky Gut Syndrome | Reduce Inflammation - Learn how modern epidemics and antibiotic overuse as well environmental toxins and food sensitivities can lead to Leaky Gut Syndrome. Dr Vincent Pedre is on a mission to restore America's unhealthy guts
  • Reduce Brian Fog | Support Health Weight | Maintain Gut Health - Learn how by reducing gluten consumption we can reduce migraines, reduce fatigue and brain fog and restore our intestinal flora. Dr Vincent Pedre encourages us to life to the fullest by first fixing our unhealthy guts

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  • Judy - pretty good stroller, however... and compared to maclaren quest and techno XT

    I purchased this stroller based on the information on the web and customer reviews. I have had 6 strollers with one child (graco travel system, graco snug ride, babiesrus umbrella stroller, valco baby ion, peg perego si, and maclaren techno XT). 3 1/2 years later i am still looking for that perfect lightweight stroller:) Maclaren techno xt (at 16.8 LB) is still just too heavy for me.

  • RandyH - Truth versus repetitive pharmaceutical marketing.

    Like the book says, most of us AND our doctors have been indoctrinated to believe too much stomach acid is the cause of most heartburn and pain. Read the book and you will know why this simply is not true and we are being hooked on antacids and drugs that keep the root problem from EVER being cured.

  • Web Lady - Will stop shedding

    I used DE for about 5 years and my hair grew to the middle of my back. I never had a problem with thin edges, breakage, shedding or anything while I used DE. I moved and my new stylist used some "crap" that made my hair shed a lot and balded my edges. I found a bottle of DE Stimulations Super Moisturizing conditioner and the Moisture retention shampoo in some boxes one night and used it. I am not exxagerating, my hair instantly stopped shedding in that one wash. I never went back to that salon ever again. I have relaxed 4a/b hair. After this experience, I've decided to transition back to natural. DE is the best. I have no shedding and my hair is healthly looking again and growing. It doesn't seem to be doing much for the thin edges and bald patches so far but we'll see. I figure if it stopped the shedding I'm at least on the right track.