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  • William Gartin - Have used this for years

    I've used Sayman Salve when bandaging a cut for years. It helps keep the wound from drying out so it doesn't crack, soothes some of the pain and helps protect it from infection. It doesn't take a lot, just a dab on the wound before applying the bandage. Mom always used it and my own 20+ year old glass 2oz jar still has a usable amount in it.

  • lisa d - Everything is broken down into sections that are easy to follow

    This book injects humor throughout and is the first test book that . my son has actually opened and read. Everything is broken down into sections that are easy to follow .

  • gary boyd - The Coming New World Order

    “Zenith 2016” by Thomas Horn & Cris Putnam is a continuation in a series of books that points to what lies ahead for America, Israel, and the rest of the world when the power elite try to dial in the New World Order (NWO). Thomas Horn is a world acclaimed prolific investigative author who has uncovered what is about to unfold in the next three years that is a very disturbing scenario. With only 150 elitists controlling 40% of the world’s wealth now is there chance to enthrall the whole planet with their wicked plan of a NWO. You need this knowledge to know what is about to happen so that you will be able to protect your wealth and family from disaster.