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  • S. Keegan - Above average

    Compared to some similar books I have read, this book has better phases to use on performance reviews along with key verbs and nouns for each "area" of an employee's review. When choosing a rating for an employee in a specific area it also helped to review the statements described in the book to have a consistent measure to judge performance.

  • Love one another - Works!!

    I got the job and this is the second time using it!!! It doesn't taste bad but I about threw up because it's just so dang sweet. I ate crackers with it too. Just 4 of them and it helped. It's just rough because you have to take it on a empty stomach. My test was sent to a lab!! Love this stuff.

  • Robert E. Reinheimer - Tiny Font; Dense Lists; Maybe Your Eyes are Better Than Mine

    The format of this book makes it unusable for me. I sympathize with the challenge of putting ALL of the information that it contains between two covers but tiny font, dense spacing, and lists, lists, lists. I had expected at least some sort of tabular display or something that I could easily reference. I cannot read this sitting at my desk let alone in a car. I can't recommend it.

  • Gregg M Sgarlata - Defect in Product and Horrible Customer Service

    Serious Defect. DOMES CRACK. I am on my 3rd. The first 2 cracked and they said to just return the unit to get a replacement. So I put EVERYTHING back in the box and returned it to Bed bath and Beyond. They give you a replacement with now problem (have receipt) . This time I don't have box and I DON'ST want a brand new replacement. i want JUST THE DOME. The other parts are fine. i called customer service and of COURSE you have a 99.9 % chance of getting a MORON that struggles with English. She says I have to PURCHASE a new dome. I told her that if she can read, she will see HUNDREDS of complaints on the websites regarding the Dome cracking. CLEARLY a DEFECT. She said it doesn't matter, a new dome is 25.00 PLUS 15 Dollars Shipping. She tried to sell me their NEW STRONGER SUPER DOME. I guess they were forced to make something that LASTS. I don't have to tell you what Ishe can do with her SUPER DOME. I wanted to speak to a supervisor, She said : There wuz none". Now in 5 minutes I am going to have the please of absolutely BREAKING every component of this piece of CRAP while watching it SMASH against a nice brick wall in the yard. My advice is to STAY AWAY, your DOME WILL CRACK.. GUARANTEED.

  • janie - Great looking aviator sunglasses.....definitely ray bans!

    These are very nice sunglasses. They have a gold frame and green lenses. Made in Italy and good looking aviators. I have been looking for these to give as a gift. I went to a few sunglass stores and also researched on line. These were definitely the best deal I found. I always look at customer feedback when making purchases. Helps to know exactly what it is you are purchasing. I recommend these if you are looking for ray ban aviator glasses.

  • A. Bull - no thanks!

    I tried this product after I heard people raving about it and was not pleased at all. It made my skin look very shiny, even after I used the mineral veil. Also it accentuated every little line and pore. I thought it must be my application technique, but tried several times exactly as instruced, it just did not look good. Would not recommend this product to anyone over 35....(I am 42)