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  • Jean Ragone - Extremely pleased. The product has performed as promised

    I was skeptical. Four of my dogs teeth were horrible, tartar from the gum to the points on molars and fangs. Our vet had recommended that we have his teeth cleaned. Since he is prone to seizures, we did not want to put him under for the procedure. I had to try something, so I ordered the Tropiclean. I have been applying it everyday with a toothbrush for the past 10 days. After the first week I noticed some improvement. When I applied the product last night, I was amazed. I think some tartar became weakened and just fell off. One molar has only a few streaks of tartar. One fang is 90% clear of tartar and the other has had about 70% of the tartar removed. The other molar still has about 90% of the tartar remaining. I have noticed that my dog is scratching his face much more often. I have checked and there is no inflammation in his mouth, so I am assuming that there must be some kind of tingling sensation caused as the gel works. I will continue to us Tropiclean daily until all of the teeth of substantially free of tartar and then I will switch to once or twice a week.

  • Vinny - Amazing! Excellent Non-Stick Titanium Ceramic Frying Pans!

    I purchased two of these Gotham Steel non-stick titanium ceramic frying pans, one in the 9.5" diameter size and one in the 12.5" diameter size, a few weeks ago. I am a trained scientist and engineer, and thus i am not easily amazed by consumer kitchenware products that claim to be non-stick. However, I am amazed by the performance of these pans after 3.5 weeks of having used them daily.