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  • Suzie Q - Don't bother buying this

    Terrible product. Bought it for my mother and it didn't help her hair loss at all. Would not recommend this to anyone. I tried it last weekend and it leaves a film in my hair.

  • Julian M. Curtis - but so far so good. If you've liked Shameless up til now then ...

    It's only two episodes in so far so it's kinda early to pass any judgments on the season as a whole, but so far so good. If you've liked Shameless up til now then you'll be fine.

  • L. L. - This was a real disappointment, from their previous version for fine hair

    This was a real disappointment, from their previous version for fine hair. I purchased this only to find it lathered poorly, and did nothing for my long hair. It didn't leave it feeling "clean" nor does it have any scent at all. My hair was flat, and dull after using this. For the cost, I find Matrix Biolage Volumebloom Shampoo highly superior. I've used both products P. Michelle and Matrix for decades, and I keep going back to Matrix

  • B. Belschner - Hmm. There's probably something to this.

    I was incredibly skeptical at first---I thought it sounded like hokey hippie magic---but now I'm tentatively convinced. In particular, the link between melatonin/cortisol seems plausible and decently supported, and our personal experience as a family seems to confirm it. Also, it seems pretty clear from thermal imaging that grounding can reduce inflammation. Overall I think more research is needed to confirm (or disconfirm?) some of these promising leads, but in the meantime I'm happy to act on this information and assume it might be true, to a greater or lesser degree.

  • LCField - SimpliSafe

    Very pleased with the system. Installation was as easy as the video showed, but, installation is just the beginning. Luckily I am more of an advanced computer and electronic guy. Please note the Serial Numbers located on each entry sensor and record their location in case there is trouble later after the system is installed. I ordered an extra sensor in case one of mine failed in the future and the system was looking for the missing extra sensor and was creating an ERROR with one of my sensors. This is where the computer skills come in handy. The remote control is also a USB jump drive with the system setup configuration on the drive that needs to be synced if there are any alterations made by adding or removing sensors or other equipment. I had to delete the extra sensor from my set-up to prevent the system from looking for the sensor, then sync the jump drive. While the system told me the exact sensor to look for, I had to go to every sensor and write down their location to find the sensor causing the error. In my case it turned out to be the extra sensor that was in a drawer. This setup configuration also lets you set each sensor to whether you want it to be a delayed alert or an instant alert setting (Delayed for Door, or Instant for a Window.) Although the SimpliSafe Support staff is extremely helpful, but as with any other telephone support group, there is sometimes a short waiting period while on hold.

  • Janelle Beyer - We absolutely LOVE the Xbox One

    We absolutely LOVE the Xbox One! The graphics on the games are amazing and the user interface is fairy easy to use. We love being able to talk to our tv through the voice recognition, though that aspect does have room for improvement. I love that it even talks to our cable, knowing which channel is which, and talks to Amazon Prime and Netflix. Its a great way for us to integrate all aspects of our entertainment system in one place, making things as simple as ever. Definitely some room for improvement with the voice recognition, but in general, we love having this in our house!

  • Robert Frase - Cannot close the Velcro Flaps after inserting all 16 Rods

    Before I mark this as return as defective, I need the seller to advise how to close ALL of the outer covering Velcro flaps after inserting the 16 Rods FULLY into the Bowen's collar. I've attempted 4x to close the Velcro flaps. It is just not possible. And yes the rods are fully inserted. The material is too narrow and I'm not going to attempt to stretch it to get it to work. Closing one side only pulls apart the Velcro on the adjacent side.