Anonymous - Anonymous - Goutezol is a natural Gout remedy that treats painful Gout quickly and effectively. It''s scientifically formulated based on several clinical studies.

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  • Jane Kim - Excellent

    Awesome rapid review. I did Kaplan firs then used this for a review. It puts things together and it's well organized

  • Marvin Cavanaugh II - Will let cool down, then add second half of bottle

    I have a 97 pontiac grand am se with what appears to be a small head gasket leak..... After trying this product.....15 mins in..... White smoke is almost completly gone.... I will post again with results!

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing results

    This stuff is a miracle as a deep conditioning treatment. Swear by it and use it regularly for incredible shine, strength and frizz taming.

  • Alison Kay Barker Bennett - Earthing speaks to my soul...

    This book teaches what I have always instinctively known - that Earth is my life source and I am calmer, happier, heathier when I am connected to Earth. I feel especially peaceful when I am in contact with my own little bit of Earth in my gardens. This book verifies and validates something that so many have lost or never had... Earthing.

  • Billy the Bumbler - EA Blows it....again.

    Let me start off by saying that no video game is without problems. That is a given but this game feels like it was packaged and shipped in a beta testing state. I have purchased and still own every World Cup game since 1998 and despite all of the advancements in technology, this one is one of the more disappointing iterations I have ever played.

  • Mama K - Made face burn and breakout

    I had a makeover done at the Bare Escentuals store in the mall. The sales person told me the makeup was all natural and safe for all skin types. I have rosascea and she assured me the product would not hurt my skin. I also have medium sized pores (hidden with other makeups)and very oily skin. So, the makeover was done. I have to say I was not impressed with the overall look. It sank into my pores and made them look huge. I also looked pale and plastic-like. I did not buy the product. Decided to go home and see how it looked as the day went on. It just became a cakey mess on my oily skin. When I began to sweat the makeup started to burn and sting my face. So I washed it off. Later I noticed splotchy red welts and whiteheads over my nose, cheeks and forehead. I later found out the culprit may be bismuth oxychloride, a product that many people are allergic to. This is also what gave me that plastic look. I am very glad that I tried it out before buying it. I would recommend that anyone who was interested in this product to go to Bare Escentuals store or Sephora and test it out first. Wear it home, sweat in it, whatever. I'm sure the product works for lots of people but not me. If you have sensitive skin or rosascea I believe you should think twice about using any product with bismuth oxychloride in it.

  • Kindle Customer - Great for people who read a lot

    I struggle to read immediately after using some eye drops. I also notice that my eyes are tired while reading. I like these eye drops because I can read right after using them.