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  • Jennifer - helps to minimize your pain

    I have lumbar facet joint arthritis and suffer from low back pain. My doctor has given me a prescription for some tropical capsaicin ointment but after trying Livrelief I would much rather use this than my prescription. Livrelief takes the edge off when my lower back is really causing me problems the same as my prescription medicine but without the burning and smell associated with normally applying capsaicin to the skin. The only problem is it seems not to last as long and does have to be applied more often. This will not get rid of your pain but it will help you tolerate it a little better. I did receive a sample of livrelief free through Pinchme but in no way has it impacted my review. Livrelief is a good product to help minimize joint or muscle pain but in no way will it get rid of your pain.

  • Cassie - Seriously the most delicious vitamins I've ever tried!

    For me, it's difficult to find a multi-vitamin that doesn't leave a terrible aftertaste for hours after taking it. I've found that I have much better luck when the vitamins are in gummy format, so when I was asked to review these Hair, Skin & Nails + Multivitamin gummies in exchange for a discount, I was so excited to try out a new potential vitamin to add to my life!

  • Nicholas - Meh.... Samsung has done better and should have done with this one.

    The 2016 Samsung's LEDs seem to have taken a dramatic leap backwards in quality this year, compared to last years models I just don't think they aren't that great.

  • Golightly - Relief at last!

    Here we have a detailed explanation of the workings of the human digestive tract, how most of us can expect it to deteriorate with age, and what we can do as self help.

  • Jonhayashi1 - AESOP FABLES is one beautiful pop-up book!!

    With this latest pop-up book the authors Chris Beatrice and Bruce Whatley have out done themselves in illustrating the classic Aesop Fables! Each story is breathtakingly illustrated with lush colour pictures and paper engineering by Kees Moerbeek! With the GOOSE THAT LAID THE GOLDEN EGG the surprises that the farmer and the wife find are well illustrated and presented with each turn of the pop-up page! And when the farmer has a look of concern over what his wife will do next as she decides to kill the goose to get all the eggs at once a flip of the page reveals the goose has been killed and the animals look sad at the loss! These smaller pop-ups reveal the full story while the large center piece shows the goose in full glory before her demise!

  • Jack - The greatest album I have ever heard this man is doing ...

    The greatest album I have ever heard this man is doing everything to bring those rappers that bring that consciousness thiking back into our life's and make us think about the finer things in life after this album you will be inspired and driven to do everything that makes you happy in life

  • TheBigGuy - AIRBORN for Health and Immune Boosting

    I found this product to be very good as advertised. I did have a very bad old fashioned cold in my sinus, chest and ear canals. Along with this product I did the usual for colds, broth, rest, eating small amounts of food and in just a few days I was better. I had tried some other cold meds in the past but this product works so well and I am sure it would not hurt to take half a dose of it half as often as directions once you are well to help prevent and help to keep you immune system stay up. Thanks Airborne. PS Be sure to read the directions well......