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  • Atswei - Perfect for my natural hair!!!

    I don't usually write reviews but I feel I should put this out here especially for my fellow naturalistas. I am a natural, with the 4b/4c type of hair and I know how difficult it is to manage natural hair (especially the 4b/4c type). I decided to go natural last year because I saw a friend's natural hair and I loved it. I did my big chop and was very excited..Unfortunately the products that worked for my friend did not work for me and I was stuck. I have (or rather had..thanks to cantu..hehehe) very coarse hair..it was always brittle, dull, dry and kinda stuck inside(was kind of growing inside). I hated this. I tried lots of products but they never worked..my hair was still the same; dry, brittle, dull and and very coarse. I read blogs on natural hair care and tips but I still could not get anything meaningful..It was difficult to get the right products for my afro. I considered texturizing the hair..I read about it and I was discouraged. I was on the verge of going back to perm when a friend told me to change my hair regimen..she said to do lots of deep conditioning (with egg yolk, honey, some conditioners, pure virgin olive oil, tea tree oil etc..) and use Cantu products. I was a bit skeptical since I had tried several products that didn't work..but I decided to give this a try. So I came on Amazon to search for some cantu products. I got the cantu shea butter shampoo cream, the cantu shea butter leave in repair conditioning cream and the cantu shea butter grow strong treatment. Soon as my products arrived, I did a shampoo wash.. I couldn't believe it.. the shampoo worked magic for my hair.. it freed the knots in my hair and I was able to comb as if I had conditioned it. I could actually feel my scalp breathing.. The grow strong and leave in repair creams made my hair really soft and manageable. I could comb my hair with no pain. (I know these two kind of leave residue.. but my trick is I rub a little olive oil in my palms and massage it through my hair and that takes care of it). The products kinda freed my hair..its now soft, has no knots, easy to comb or twist, looks and feels well moisturized and I can see the curls/coils are kinda defined now. The hair stretches too.. I can really see the length of my hair now and oh my gosh..I am so in love with it! I love my cantu products..now that I have FINALLY FOUND products that work for me(*whew*), I will religiously follow my daily hair regimen and I know in a month or two I am gonna be even more head over heels with my natural hair! Thanks Cantu...You guys rock!!!

  • luieji - Very comfortable and roomy for people over 6 ft tall

    Very comfortable and roomy for people over 6 ft tall. Mine has the eyesight system with adaptive cruise control. Vehicle will maintain speed until it recognizes that it has another vehicle in front, then it adjust speed and maintain proper distance. Gas milage is decent, expect around 26 mpg combined driving. Cabin is spacious and quiet. The voice recognition is not as good as the Ford but it dows a decent job. Sound system is really awesome with a good heavy base, the Harmond Karmand system must trully wonderful if the base unit sounds this good.

  • Rhianna Parkinaon - Who wouldn't feel good about drinking an extra 24 oz of water

    Not only is this product delicious, but it was also satisfying enough to not need that extra snack - or soda. That is saying a lot. Who wouldn't feel good about drinking an extra 24 oz of water, instead of soda. Definitely will be purchasing again!

  • Amazon Customer - My wife and I like the feel of this car seat and feel like ...

    My wife and I like the feel of this car seat and feel like it is a safe car seat. It seems comfortable enough for our daughter. A couple key things that I didn't like were that it's a little difficult to tighten the straps (especially when still using as rear facing). Also, it is super easy for our kid to pull off the shoulder pads on the straps. This leaves her with red scratches along her neck. I guess it's nice you can take them off and wash them, but our child immediately removes them after getting in.

  • 5ofspain - Bought this for my wife who doesn't like to take medicine

    Bought this for my wife who doesn't like to take medicine. She started slapping vick's vapor rub when she had a cold or the flu. I thought this would be similar and so I chanced it. This has the typical mental camphor smell. The packaging is nice, being an old-style tin. My one complaint is my wife thinks it could be stronger. It doesn't seem to have the same strength as the vick's. We bought this through subscribe and save and felt we got a decent deal.

  • H. P. Stone - love toe socks....

    I like the crew & mini crew socks so much that I thought these would be great under my work shoes, & they are, they make my shoes/feet much more comfortable, no more blisters or smushed toes! However I do find the compression maybe a little tight on my calves by the end of the workday, it depends how long or hard of a day it's been! Also they are not quite thin enough for my work shoes, they bunch up a little at the top of the foot in my "mary jane" style shoes, although I don't feel anything, it doesn't make them uncomfortable, but if you're looking you can see that but I still wear them anyway (the pants cover that part)! When the weather is cooler, they'll be perfect under boots (I'm referring to regular "fashion boots, not snow boots, lol) For running, maybe they're slightly too thin, or maybe it's just that they're not cotton so don't grip as well, but I feel my foot slide a bit in my sneakers. If I was going to use these with a pair of sneakers exclusively, then I'd buy a smaller sneaker size to fix this, but I think I prefer to wear their micro crew toe socks for running/walking & keep these for work or after run recovery.

  • mscullion - Four Stars

    Bought this to help inspire a high school senior in her search for help with furthering her education.