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  • Jason Hurtubise - Great Starting Point

    Just as advertised, it gets you playing Nagic casually in no time flat. Don't expect to be able to jump into a constructed tournament and win with this, but it is a solid way to start and let's you build a couple if fun decks to play with a friend.

  • Oscar R Linn - SAT Guru

    The book presents a real study guide for the SAT score; read it, learn it, and you will get an above the average score.

  • blueboomerang - I might be inclined to purchase this product again simply for the moisturizing effect--it is better than most other facial cream

    I have been using Acne Scar Cream from New York Biology for 17 days. I have skin allergies, aging, acne prone, and very sensitive skin, and this product did not have an odor or irritate my skin in any way. It is extremely moisturizing. Because I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review, I was required to evaluate the cream after only 2 weeks of use. Not surprisingly, I did not notice any change or improvement in my acne scars during this 2 week period--nor would I expect to. Scar softening, fading, removal creams need to be used consistently for 4-6 months to produce a recognizable effect, and I had a time limit of 2 weeks. All I can honestly say is that this cream was extremely moisturizing, more so than other moisturizers I have tried. I also did not experience any negative side effects from using it. I plan to continue using the cream because it is noticably moisturizing--I was surprized by the immediate visible difference in my skin! With continued use, I would hope there might be some real scar treatment effect further down the line. I might be inclined to purchase this product again simply for the moisturizing effect--it is better than most other facial creams I have ever tried--and I was surprized by this. I have tried many, and many with poor results because of my highly sensitive skin. I highly recommend this cream as a moisturizer for sensitive skin. I will have to wait awhile to see if it has any impact on my acne scars; that is why I am giving it a rating of 3 stars. That being said, I probably would not choose to purchase this Acne Scar Cream at the regular price for scar treatment alone, because I think the price is kind of high. Rather, I would probably choose to purchase a scar treatment cream by better known manufacturers, such as Mederma, that have a long-term history of results and can be found at a lower price. I received this product at a discounted price for an honest review.

  • John A. Knitter - Best on Market Vegan Cream Tattoo

    2 weeks no scabbing & Healed!.Could believe it my self. You won't go wrong here with thus purchase. Vegan or Not!

  • C. Mills - I tested it... And then it leaked

    Received yesterday, tested it an took to the waterpark this morning. Within 2 hours there was water inside. Not a ton but enough that I won't be using this again. It might work for one day if you are lucky, as long as you don't purposely put it in water. I did have fun taking a few pictures. Phone will not be going back in waterpark with this case. It did fit the 6+ perfectly. Definitely not the daily waterpark solution I was looking for.