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  • Damon Overboe - OK value. Not great, not terrible.

    It worked pretty well. I was replacing a Black & Decker blender that was going out. As it was failing, I started to use a Black & Decker food processor first. I wanted a faster and simpler process

  • Demmer G - passive income is a necessary source of income to every ...

    passive income is a necessary source of income to every one ans most people are working to achieve the same as well as all rich people have gotten were they are in the same way, so the book will lay down the must do things to ensure that your passive income ventures are worth investing and the proper ways of achieving the same.

  • cantbebroken - I AM A NEW PERSON BECAUSE OF CB-1!!!!!!!

    Hello everyone. I'm here to talk about CB-1 weight gain pills, and I can say from experience that these pills do what they're advertised to do. I was able to gain 22 pounds of muscle in the first 4 months of taking the product. I was a little skeptical from the start too, but I gave them a chance and I got out what I put in. To this day I am still putting on more pounds of muscle. Here is the link to my review and my before and after pictures. Just copy and paste this to your address bar. I highly recommend this product to anyone who really wants to gain weight. CB-1 has changed my life and it can do the same for you. Thank You.

  • DHEA made me have explosive rage episodes - DHEA made me have explosive rage episodes

    After having read all of the hoopla about DHEA, I started taking 25 mg. a day. After a few weeks, I noticed an improvement in my virility, my sense of well being, and my energy level. So far, so good. Then, a curious thing began to occur. I found that I was getting angry at events and people which normally would only annoy me. I didn't think much of it at the time until this problem became worse and worse. After a few more weeks, I was in a nearly constant state of rage. I felt aggressive and angry all of the time. I was dealing with overwhelming feelings of anger several hours a day - even when lying on the beach on my days off! I started on sedatives to calm me down and to let me sleep. Finally, when I could not take it anymore and I was hating the type of man I was turning into, I decided that the few benefits of DEHA were simply not worth the stress, anger, anxiety I was going through and putting others through. I stopped DHEA and began to return to normal within several days. I have no doubt that this hormone caused me all of this trouble - probably by raising my testosterone level to neanderthal levels. Ok, so now I may not have the virility of an 18 year old (although I have since discovered that high exercise levels will improve that area dramatically) and I may not have all of the energy that I would like, but I like myself now and others like me better. I think this is, like melatonin was a few years ago, a big hype with no other purpose except to sell pills and books until we realize that we have all been had - again!

  • Douglas B. Keith - Hard to find

    Couldn't fin them n the store my mom gets a lot of bladder infections nice to have so many on hand these are awesome as it helps the burning and urgency in wanting to go so often can't use them when giving a sample of urine to doctor