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    Price through amazon better than through Intuit, only Costco had a slightly better deal, if you wanted to add a support plan.

  • Taylor - Great hold. Truly matte.

    I require a lot of hold with my hair style and don't like the crusty/shiny feel of most gels with strong hold. This gives me the hold I want without it looking like I even have product in my hair.

  • Susie Book Lover - Rats!

    I was so excited when this came, I kept bugging my husband to install it so we could play "Golf", but he could not get past the ERROR message. We have Windows 7 and it doesn't specifically say it will work for that system, but someone gave a review that said he got it to work on W7. So on the strength of that I ordered it. I don't know why his works and mine doesn't but there you are. I got my label from Amazon and tomorrow I will take it to the post office and send it back for a refund. I am so disappointed. I wanted something I could play other than the Hoyle Games I currently have which I hate. I don't know how they do it, but I think they cheat and I have heard others say the same thing-especially at Backgammon.

  • J. OBrien - Love it. Replaced my old Timbuk2 bag

    Love it. Replaced my old Timbuk2 bag, which I loved, but did not have the travel strap for a carry on. This bag took about one trip to get used to because the pockets are a little different. However I absolutely love it for my weekly travel.

  • Sun Voyage Music - Tastes amazing--no sweetner needed!

    I'm about as "Vata" as they come, so when my Ayurveda consultant recommended I get this tea, I was excited to order it. I can honestly say this is the best tea I've ever had (and I am a fan of many teas). The only downside for me is that I had read in several places that one should not consume too much licorice root over extended weeks (google for more info on that). This was an issue for me because I drink tea every day. That said, I have this tea every few days, and it's just awesome!!

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    I was so happy when I got this product. I received it faster than I initially expected. When opening the package I inspected the product and this is very high quality. I am so happy with this. The packaging is good and kept the product protected.