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  • Dj BR - No back support

    No back support, echoing others reviews and this is why we returned. Liked all the other features, but my daughter looked uncomfortable while riding in it.


    Last weekend we had several friends over for dinner. After dinner, I asked if anyone wanted a cup of coffee from the new Keurig 2.0. Of course everyone said yes. I inserted a K-Cup and got a message "Oops". I was FURIOUS!!! Imagine the embarrassment of telling our guests that we can't brew our own K-Cups in a machine for which we just paid $150. This brewer is a scam! I am marching right back to the store to get my money back. Don't let Keurig get away with this!

  • Frank Pott - Great but

    Quicken 2014 is great, but a person could use a bit more of help via a small booklet to learn how to navigate through it and use it to its full potential. I like what it does in keeping me informed as to my personal finances.

  • Mike F. - Great for Wizards, Witches and Muggles.

    Magically fun cookbook. My wife and I love Harry Potter stuff and got this for the holidays. The pages and design are really cool as it looks very authentic and with antiqued pages. Each recipe has a brief description of when, where, and who the dish took place in the stories. Though we haven't seen every recipe in the book, as there are quite a bit, the ingredients call for quality delicious ingredients from scratch.