Gastroparesis Natural Treatment – - Anyone with gastroparesis knows it's a terrible disease that impacts the quality of your life. Let me tell you now, there ARE natural treatments for gastroparesis.

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  • Katya M. - Didn't help me.

    Didn't seem to help me. The problem I see with this is that it needs to be taken with as little liquid as possible, but when you're lactating drinking water is an absolute must (that's actually what really helped me with supply in the end, along with Magnesium Zinc supplements). However, if you're very good with planning, you can certainly drink enough water and still take this, you just need to remember not to drink 30 mins before and after.

  • Saul Nathanson - Some are good

    I've been reading this series for years. While I like most of the short stories some of them just are too "artistic" for me to understand why the author finished the story when he did. For several I feel like someone just cut off the ending of the story. I must be obtuse.

  • IamPatSajak - Please read this before buying. I feel foolish for purchasing.

    I purchased this product at the mall yesterday, after a very friendly saleswoman chatted me up. I have bad skin, I'm lonely. I am just the kind of sucker they are looking for. She put the peel on my arm and it seems to peel off skin. In my head I said, it's probably just the product making those "peels" and not my skin. I purchased anyway, as you can barely get away from these people.. but I got out to my car, spread a drop of the product on a flat plastic surface, rubbed and I was right. It's not peeling your skin. The product coagulates and looks like peeled skin. Like Elmer's Glue. I have never been taken so easily and I could kick myself for the whole thing. The bottle that was in the box, has a broken/stuck pump so I can't even resell it on ebay or Amazon to the suckers who haven't figured out the trick yet.

  • David Earnest - Nagware is Dragware.

    Absolutely worth the price I paid for it. False positives, missed real virii and a pain in the butt to remove from the registry. I recommend AVG, Kaspersky or even Windows defender over this piece of malware.