Fresh Vitality Weight Loss, Anti Aging, Hormone Therapy - Visit Fresh Vitality for Anti Aging Aesthetic Medicine, Bio Identical Hormone Therapy and Medical Weight Loss.

  • About Fresh Vitality Med Spa & Weight Loss | Florida - Fresh Vitality is a physician owned and operated Anti-Aging and Preventive Medicine Center in Pinellas County, Florida.
  • Fresh Vitality of St Petersburg FL | 727-502-9000 - Fresh Vitality, Located at Embrace Medical Spa, 1025 7th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL 33705.
  • Contact Fresh Vitality Med Spa of St Petersburg - Our state of the art medical center practices safe, effective, evidence based medicine to help you slow, stop and even reverse many negative effects of the aging process.
  • Medical Weight Loss Program at Fresh Vitality | St Petersburg - Our Weight Loss Program is unlike any other program that you may have tried. Your excess weight (and how it got there) is yours and yours alone.
  • Aesthetic Medicine Wrinkles, Lifts, Fillers | Florida - Our Aesthetic treatments allow your inside to match your outside. Just because you are getting older certainly doesn't mean you have to look older.
  • Bio Identical Hormone Therapy | 727-502-9000 - Are you feeling tired, lost you spark for life, lost your youthful appearance? Hormone Therpay can help!
  • Botox Cosmetic Injections | St Petersburg | Tampa Bay Florida - Smooth away expression lines and wrinkles, safely and simply with Botox Cosmetic.
  • Chemical Peels at Fresh Vitality | St Petersburg | 727-502-9000 - Peels improve the texture of the skin, increase cell turnover, hydration, moisture retention, and elastin and collagen production.
  • Dermal Fillers for Wrinkle Reduction | Tampa Bay Florida - Bye Bye wrinkles, hello youth. Dermal fillers plump back up your face and give you the youthful appearance of being in your 20s and 30s.
  • Non Surgical Eye Brow Lift - Did you know a Brow Lift can easily be achieved without surgery? A Non Surgical Brow Lift, for the right patient, can be all that is needed.
  • Eyelash Lengthening Products & Eyelash Extensions | St Petersburg FL - Make YOUR eyes stand out with eyelash lengthening products and extensions at Fresh Vitality.
  • Facials St Petersburg | 727-502-9000 - Getting Facials can do you a world of good. Everyone's skin needs exfoliation ... and pampering. Facials provide both.
  • Hair Removal at Fresh Vitality | St Petersburg | 727-502-9000 - Laser Hair Removal at Fresh Vitality offers a fast, effective, and comfortable solution.
  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) at Fresh Vitality | St Petersburg | 727-502-9000 - Intense Pulsed Light at Fresh Vitality offers a comfortable, effective solution to sun damage & other hyperpigmentation.
  • JUVЙDERM™ Gel Filler Wrinkle Remover | St Petersburg FL - As you age, your skin changes. Over time, the natural volume of youthful skin begins to diminish as wrinkles and folds form.
  • Non-Surgical Liquid Face Lift Tampa Bay FL | 727-502-9000 - Women everywhere are excited to find that the traditional surgical Face Lift has been replaced with something better -- the non-surgical Liquid Face Lift.
  • Microdermabrasion | St Petersburg | Tampa Bay 727-502-9000 - DiamondTome™, an evolution in microdermabrasion technology is truly a better way to smoother, more youthful skin for men and women.
  • Permanent Makeup St Petersburg | 727-502-9000 - With Medical Tattooing and Permanent Cosmetics we utilize a 3-dimensional approach to recreate shape, define dimension, develop symmetry, camouflage scars, optimize pigment and create the appearance of hair to attain a more realistic, natural look that is customized just for you!
  • Sciton Laser at Fresh Vitality | St Petersburg | 727-502-9000 - The Sciton Joule Laser at Fresh Vitality is considered the number one ranked laser on the market today.
  • Skin Care Products at Fresh Vitality | St Petersburg | 727-502-9000 - Fresh Vitality offers Physician-Grade Skin Care Products such as Obagi, EMINENCE, and SkinCeuticals.
  • Spider Vein Treatment St Petersburg FL | (727) 502-9000 - Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure used to treat varicose veins and “spider veins.
  • Fresh Vitality Testimonials | St Petersburg FL - Read what our clients and patients are saying about Fresh Vitality and Dr. Eddie Ariss.

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  • Gloria - Slow but Effective

    I love this mask .I am young adult who has struggled with mild acne around the cheekbone for about 8 years. Before this mask , i always used to have some kind of acne on my face, not in big proportions but it was noticeably there . I have used other products such as Neutrogena face bar soap ,Clean and Clear acne treatment , and ProActive but nothing really seemed to fully work for me. However i was so happy when i got this product. I purchased this mask about a month ago, not a single trace pimple/zit has come out. I noticed after the second use that my skin was getting clearer. I like that my face doesn't feeling irrated but rather fresh and tight after use. Also , the mask has a good smells citrusy/floral. For the miracles it has worked for me , this is a steal .

  • Ana P. - Best Secret Ever

    Love the way my skin feels the next morning after using this product. Skin looks refreshed and younger. Definitely a product I don't want to run out of - ever.

  • Michael F. - Great!

    100 times better than the stock antenna that it came with!! Great reception too! Easy to install. A must for a 4 Runner owner.