Memphis Fertility Clinic - IVF - Recurrent Miscarriage  - Fertility Associates of Memphis, a state-of-the-art fertility clinic and IVF center provides affordable care to couples in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi.

  • New Patient Forms - Fertility Associates of Memphis - Tupleo - You can save time on the day of your appointment by printing and filling out our Infertility Evaluation and our New Patient Form (below) and bringing them both to your first appointment.
  • Tennessee Fertility Center - Memphis - Tupelo - Germantown - Our Tennessee Fertility Center specializes in treating infertility. We have 2 IVF clinics - Tupelo Fertility and Memphis Fertility to help couples conceive.
  • William Kutteh MD - Memphis Fertility Specialist - Miscarriage - William Kutteh MD, Infertility board-certified is a fertility specialist in Memphis, TN & is Internationally known for his work in Recurrent Miscarriage.
  • Raymond Ke MD - Fertility Specialist in Memphis - PCOS - Raymond Ke, M.D. is Board Certified in Reproductive Endocrinology. Dr Ke's specialties are medical & surgical infertility correction, IVF, in vitro, & PCOS.
  • Paul Brezina, MD - Fertility Specialist in Memphis - PGD - PGS - Paul Brezina, M.D. is board certified Fertility Specialist. Paul Brezina, MD sees fertility patients in our Memphis fertility center and is an expert in PGD.
  • Memphis Fertility Doctor - Amelia Bailey MD - Harvard Trained - Amelia Bailey, M.D. is a Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility specialist. Amelia Bailey, MD sees fertility patients in Memphis and the entire Mid-South.
  • Jianchi Ding - Memphis IVF Lab Embryologist - IVF - PGD - Dr. Jianchi Ding - our Memphis IVF Lab Embryologist - has extensive experience in the IVF lab. His special interests includes egg freezing, PGD and ICSI.
  • Yinzhi Yang - Memphis IVF Lab Embryologist - IVF - PGD - Dr. Yinzhi Yang is an embryologist at Memphis IVF Lab. Her interests are IVF, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, ICSI & egg freezing with vitrification.
  • Memphis Fertility Center - IVF - Germantown - Collierville - TN - Our Memphis Fertility Center, the main Fertility Associates of Memphis office is conveniently located in East Memphis, just off I-240 on the Baptist Women's Hospital campus.
  • New Patients - Memphis Fertility Doctors - Your First Visit - Schedule a new patient consultation with one of our Memphis fertility doctors, we will make every effort to expedite your request so that you can get started as quickly as possible.
  • Fertility Practice - Fertility Doctors - Memphis TN - Tupelo MS - Our professional Fertility Practice staff includes board certified Fertility Doctors & IVF embryologists. We have offices in both Memphis, TN and Tupelo MS.
  • Affordable Fertility Care - At Fertility Associates of Memphis, our goal is to do everything possible so that the expense of treatment does not become a factor in your decision.
  • Discount Fertility Medication - Programs in Memphis & Tupelo - See if you qualify for Discount Fertility Medication Programs at the Fertility Associates of Memphis. Apply today.
  • Female Infertility - Recurrent miscarriage - PCOS - Age - Hormones and anatomy play vital roles in fertility. Fertility Associates of Memphis doctors often see these common culprits, or causes of infertility in women:
  • Endometriosis -Treatments for Endometriosis - Memphis TN - Endometriosis is a condition, that occurs when endometrial cells grow outside of the uterus. Treatment for Endometriosis includes laparoscopic fertility surgery.
  • Ovarian Reserve Testing - Female Infertility - Memphis  - Ovarian reserve refers to the number and quality of eggs that women has. Ovarian Reserve Testing is done with AMH, Antral Follicle Counts & Day 5 FSH.
  • Male Infertility - Treatments - Semen Analysis - Male infertility isn’t something you hear much about in the news,so it may be surprising to learn just how common it is. 
  • Male Infertility Testing-Semen Analysis-Male Fertility - There are several types of male infertility testing available for couples facing fertility problems in Memphis & Mid South area, including Semen Analysis.
  • Fertility Treatment-Male Infertility-Female Infertility-Memphis, TN - Advanced surgical & medical fertility treatment for men & women Fertility Treatment options include Oral & injectable ovulation induction, IUI & IVF.

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