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  • Evy J - Nicely done overall

    This book was surprisingly good, very detailed and great illustration. A little unnecessary to have "tap or click" on nearly every single instructional point, and the long-winded summaries before the actual tutorials are also fairly unnecessary, but otherwise recommended.

  • Farm Chick - Fun & easy to use!

    What enticed me into ordering this software? First, the plethora of positive reviews and awards from computing magazines such as PC World, PC Magazine, PC Advisor, etc. That certainly stood out for me as an encouraging factor. In fact, I could n't find much as far as the negatives, so I decided to venture further. Cyberlink claims to offer "A unique combination of high-end performance and consumer level usability" and I wanted to find out if that was indeed true. My own needs with this type of bundled software is for both video and photography for our business and I have been in the market for program(s) that can give a professional look to our advertising as well as ease of use for someone who literally has very little time to get things working. I'm happy to say that the Director suite of software is very easy to use and relies on very simple steps to complete each task. This is my FIRST video editing program I've ever used, so you are getting the opinion of an absolute newbie rather than a comparison of different programs that are out there.