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  • Niel Rishoi - Urgently essential book for good health

    No one doesn't need this book. If you are taking medication for any of the most "profitable" common health problems, or are about to, it is urgent that you read this book. Or if you simply want to improve your health. Mr. Ellison provides an invaluable public service by detailing the dangerous side effects of many of these medications - and provides information on safe, healthy alternatives. Medical quackery is rampant nowadays, with people being wrongly or over-prescribed: or prescribed, period, when there was no need to be in the first place. We are seeing, increasingly, more damning evidence against many of these drugs, with deaths occurring, lawsuits, lives ruined, and cover-ups by pharmaceutical industries. I have seen, first hand, some of the insidious, and scary side effects many medications have caused for my loved ones; and in a few of these instances, I proved the doctors wrong in their diagnoses and revealed the real problems.

  • Katherine Ferris - Pleasantly surprised

    Seems to be working! I went from having relatively clear skin to an all out cystic war on my face in the last month, I've been trying everything but this stuff really helps, I only use it once a day because it does really draw out impurities and right now I'm just trying to heal the ones I already have but I do use it as a spot treatment overnight... It really diminishes the size of cystic pimples and eventually breaks them down Into regular pimples which dry up, this stuff definitely cuts down on healing time and also scarring, plus it makes your pores smaller! If your thinking about it give it a try

  • LaurenLove - Not as good as JD 2014 IMO

    Got this for xmas gift for someone who lives with me. Don't really like how there are so many pop-ups (unlockables) that take forever to get off the screen. The cursor loves to go to the corners of the screen, and not to the songs. Songs are awesome, but some of the dances are more mature if you have kids who want to play. Some of the songs have dances that are really difficult, like I Love It by Charlie XCX. In JD 2014, you had the option for a work out that tracked time and calories, but the person who I got this gift for can't seem to find that feature. I looked too, and I can't find it either, so I don't know if it's in some nook in the game, or if they got rid of it entirely. Hope this helps!

  • Alex Novak - This stuff works!!

    My butt was noticeable firmer and skin tighter in a few days, and after a couple weeks noticeable bigger. Smell is decent and it works great!