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  • AlexN - Excellent software for small business!

    Without any background in accounting, I learned how to use it!! Very simple and intuitive. If you know Mac, you'll know how to navigate the software. The floating bar is very helpful, instant access to all the accounts, and with an easy learning curve, the 2014 QuickBooks for Macintosh is the ONE!!! Easy to reconcile expenses, and communicate with my accountant, and gives me an instant control of my business activities.

  • Mcomeau - Works great for me and my customers.

    Kaspersky is been a great Internet security program, and has saved me, and my customers time and money. I used to be a huge Norton AntiVirus fan, and then I went to McAfee, but Kaspersky now takes the cake. It's a light running program considering what it does, and thus far, I have never had a problem with viruses. I was even able to save a business computer, with five years of records, with this program. Very grateful thank you

  • becca byrnes - it works but listen to the directions!

    I'm pretty sure I got this the next day. As far as the product goes, it works as stated. I have a couple hard callouses on my feet and I used this on those spots (a LOT longer than advised) and I felt them going away! If I used the device for close to a minute at one time, without switching back and forth to another spot, then I would feel the heat, but otherwise I would not so I ignored the warnings and filed away. I did notice that if I pressed hard the motor would slow down, so I would press lightly and stay in one spot. Now, the next day, I saw the error of my ways. My feet were red and sore in the spots I had carelessly spent minutes using this device on! So, long story short... this works, it will ship to you fast, but TAKE IT SLOW!

  • Dennis - Do not get way too excited to play.

    I noticed there is no friendly matches feature for random online matches, only for ps3 friendlist we are available to match. I only see just qualify for finals or finals available for online matches. I have noticed this glitch more than my previous FIFA games, sometimes there are terrible inaccurate passes to empty space whether opponent or my player is nearby, that gets annoying.

  • Rick - Lean program which works

    This program is lean, you never notice it bogging down your computer, which is very nice. You do have to go in an manually update it from time to time however to keep this lean functionality.