Conjunctivitis or Orbital Cellulitis? - Nasty Eye Eyelid Infection - Conjunctivitis or an Orbital Cellulitis eye infection? Nearly lost my eyesight because of misdiagnosis, 4 hospitals turned me away, could be blind or dead by now...

  • Conjunctivitis or Orbital Cellulitis? - symptoms comparison - Read this table if you think your eye infection is more serious than conjunctivitis. If orbital cellulitis is misdiagnosed as conjunctivitis, the consequences could be blindess and even death.
  • Eye Infection Photos – All Conjunctivitis Orbital Cellulitis Pictures - Eye Infection Photos taken during week of my eye infection. Photo, pic, picture, pictures, image, images.
  • Nasty Eye Infection - timeline of eye infection nightmare - Read about the eye infection nightmare of a patient who was misdiagnosed with conjunctivitis, turned away from three hospitals and could have gone blind if he hadn't fought for the right treatment.
  • Nasty Eye Infection - Unanswered questions - Read how Orbital Cellulitis was rejected by Wexham Park Hospital Accident and Emergency by two doctors, Moorfields Accident and Emergency, City Road, London and Moorfields, St Georges, Tooting despite being told that an Optometrist had referred the patient to hospital with the condition
  • Moorfields Eye Hospital Complaint – double misdiagnosis to address - Moorfields Eye Hospital Complaint letter reply from the Chief Executive. Moorfields double misdiagnosis and procedures to address.
  • Nasty Eye Infection - Summary of Eye Infection terms - Glossary of eye infection terms such as: proptosis, CT scan, orbital cellulitis, IV, cannula, accuvision, slit lamp, pin hole, IOP measurement

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