EvergreenHealth | Kirkland, WA - EvergreenHealth is a premier Seattle-area hospital providing advanced medical and surgical services, minimally invasive joint replacement, maternity care, primary care and cancer care in partnership with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

  • https://www.evergreenhealth.com/emergency 24-Hour Emergency Rooms | EvergreenHealth - EvergreenHealth emergency rooms (ERs) in Kirkland, Redmond and Monroe are open 24/7 and staffed by physicians board certified in emergency medicine.
  • https://www.evergreenhealth.com/breast-health-center Breast Health Center - EvergreenHealth, Kirkland, WA - The EvergreenHealth Breast Health Center offers advanced 3-D mammography for detection of breast cancer at its earliest, most treatable stages. 3-D mammography is also available in the mobile mammography coach.
  • https://www.evergreenhealth.com/cancer Cancer Care - Halvorson Cancer Center, Seattle WA Area - The Halvorson Cancer Center in Kirkland is a partnership between EvergreenHealth and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, providing patients with comprehensive, nationally recognized cancer care in the Seattle region.
  • https://www.evergreenhealth.com/foot-and-ankle-care Foot and Ankle Care - EvergreenHealth, Kirkland, WA - EvergreenHealth Foot & Ankle Care provides the full range of care including sports medicine, fractures, deformaties, surgery and diabetic foot care.
  • https://www.evergreenhealth.com/grief Grief and Bereavement - EvergreenHealth, Kirkland, WA - EvergreenHealth's Grief and Bereavement Services provides a variety of support programs for anyone in our community who has experienced a loss through death.
  • https://www.evergreenhealth.com/heart-vascular Heart and Vascular Care - EvergreenHealth, Kirkland, WA - EvergreenHealth Heart & Vascular Care brings together clinically sophisticated, comprehensive care for the heart, veins and arteries with a highly-trained, compassionate staff committed to providing you with the best experience and the best outcomes.
  • https://www.evergreenhealth.com/home-care Home Care - EvergreenHealth, Kirkland, WA - EvergreenHealth Home Care serves people living in Seattle, King County and Snohomish County. We bring skilled care and nursing services to you - right where you live.
  • https://www.evergreenhealth.com/hospice Hospice Care - EvergreenHealth, Kirkland, WA, Seattle, King and Snohomish counties - EvergreenHealth Hospice Care serves people living in Seattle, King County and Snohomish County. We help patients live as fully as possible until the end of life.
  • https://www.evergreenhealth.com/maternity Maternity Care - EvergreenHealth, Kirkland, WA - The EvergreenHealth Family Maternity Center provides all of the options you might want or need for your birthing experience, whether you are looking for a low-intervention birth or you need the expertise of our high-risk maternity experts.
  • https://www.evergreenhealth.com/neuro-care Neurological Care - EvergreenHealth, Kirkland, WA - EvergreenHealth Neurological Care provides diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitative services for patients living with a variety of neurological diseases and disorders
  • https://www.evergreenhealth.com/healthline 24/7 Nurse Navigators - Healthline - EvergreenHealth, Kirkland, WA - EvergreenHealth’s consulting nurse service is licensed and operates out of the state of Washington and telephone advice is provided to patients and families who are in the state of Washington.
  • https://www.evergreenhealth.com/ortho Minimally Invasive Orthopedic Care | EvergreenHealth - Is pain in a bone, muscle or joint keeping you from your work or your favorite activities? Our orthopedic surgeons can help.
  • https://www.evergreenhealth.com/ortho-sports Orthopedic & Sports Care - EvergreenHealth, Kirkland, WA - EvergreenHealth is the regional leader in using minimally invasive and computer-assisted surgery to relieve your pain and get you back to the life and activities that you love.
  • https://www.evergreenhealth.com/primary-care Find a Primary Care Physician | EvergreenHealth - EvergreenHealth's primary care physicians at our convenient neighborhood clinics offer a complete range of health services for your entire family.

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    I've been using the earthing sheet for 3 weeks for help with chronic pain. I am seeing slow, but impressive results. If this is placebo affect, I don't care. I'm getting a lot of help.

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