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  • Tamara Bracciano - Functional and foundational

    Nice organization, great ideas and good explanations of purpose. Functional, simple and combines a number intervention strategies. Worthwhile tool for your therapy kit.

  • heather victoria - I don't dislike the product but I'm not really seeing any change ...

    I don't dislike the product but I'm not really seeing any change in my milk production so I'm a little disappointed to pay $40+ for another vitamin/supplement that doesn't work. Oh well, never know until you try... I was really hoping it'd work so I could continue to breastfeed my baby girl. 😔 #workingmomproblems

  • K. M. Puhl - More comfortable than most

    I have trouble with my wrists because I've been over-using them for about fifteen straight years. I spend most of my time on the computer for work and then come home and use the Internet. I replaced my work mousepad with this one, and I would definitely do it again. It's not a magic bullet for the wrist strain, but it reduces the discomfort.

  • Joseph Criniti, Jr. - Great Knife

    I bought this on a whim. It came up as one of those "add both to cart" items. I am very happy with this blade. Extremely sharp and durable. Nice rubber handle , and adjustable sheath. I used it to carve a pumpkin, and it worked perfectly. Would definitely recommend this for any situation.

  • Mary Frame - Fun Gift for Yourself or Another GOT Fan

    This product does look exactly like the Hand of the King pin from Game of Thrones but it is fairly small as a pin or brooch. It is made of metal but is rather thin, and particularly the blade portion seems like it would be prone to breaking, I would suggest to handle it with care. The only major issue I noticed with this is that the pin holder portion is a bit hard to move and the pin itself seems a bit flimsy and is hard to keep stiff when you need to actually pin it. I found it challenging to get the pin to slide into the clasp and for the clasp to close while I was wearing the pin, which was a bit annoying. However, this pin looks great and is a fun little collectible for Game of Thrones fans that would make a lovely gift.

  • I'm Wolfies - Excel 2013 at Your Fingertips. Well Worth It!

    I'm proficient at Excel and have found many tips and tricks in this training that are invaluable. Well worth the cost (inexpensive) and top notch training. Don't spend endless hours or higher costs for other Excel training. This is all you need and it's an excellent reference to have for those that are proficient. Covers all levels from beginner to advanced.

  • ezzy78 - best value!

    i am not an expert on bicycles but i know that i can pedal this bmx bike up hills that people have to walk bikes with multiple gears. the frame is light. the parts are durable. the only cons are the seat and the brake pads.