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  • Mark Bender - Good beginner turntable to satiate your vinyl lust

    This is about what I would expect for a very entry level, box (toy) turntable. It's pretty cool for the kids to get them introduced to the vinyl re-revolution that is going on. There's some things that I like about this TT, and there's some things that I don't. I'm not going to get all super negative or super positive either way because, let's face it, this is not a $5000 audiophile product. It's a cardboard turntable with a very basic setup that lets you listen to records, better or worse. The one thing that I don't like is that it has a smoky plastic cover. Why is this a negative for me? Well, part of the coolness of these types of turntables is the portability. Putting a solid cover that is more briefcase like is the ideal way to go. Tyler has an option for this so I'd say, if this is important to you, choose that one. It's better protection for the tonearm, stylus and other delicate parts when you are moving from one location to the other. One thing I do like is the headphone jack. Not all turntables in this class offer this option. It's nice for my daughter to listen to the latest vinyl and keep it in her headphones when I don't want to share her jam sessions with Justin Bieber (just kidding -- she hates the Biebs). Audio quality is nice. Construction is very good and I feel it will last as long as the similar one that I had as a kid.

  • Patricia - Good Discussion Group Book

    We went through the entire book of stories. My favorite was "The Sleep". Look it up! This would not have beena good book to just read alone, but our short story class loves to discuss these until you feel like it was a good story. Our class is full of really smart university types which makes me learn new things every time. Yes, a good book for a discussion group.

  • Alison - i dont know...

    This formula of hydroxycut does make me feel a little cracked out...scared to used it BEFORE my workouts but i miss those kind of pills...third time i tried it prolonged ny dinner plans i felt a bit sick but went thru water and as soon as i ate felt better..definitely gives u energy but not sure if i want to use this often

  • Robyn - Great for keeping food warm!

    This is perfect for keeping chili hot outside, for a contest. Better than a crockpot since the warm is not as hot. It keeps it just warm enough without cooking. I can't wait to use at Thanksgiving and other holidays when another burner is always needed!

  • Mirly - Saved x 2. I owe my pride to color oops.

    Okay, so I'm blonde and wanted a little color for the Holidays. I bought the Paint The Town Red color (Herbal Essense??). If I lived in New York city and worked at a tatoo parlor, it was really cool...but that's not the situation. After way too much attention from strangers cuz "Your hair is soooo red" I was fed up. No really, I lost hours of sleep trying to figure out what to do. Then I found Color Oops. I used it just as it said. Washed my hair and rinsed my hair a couple times ( I think this step is key) and low and behold...my blonde was back. I found the strawberry blonde by nice and easy and did my hair with that color the same night. It turned out awesome. I was sooooo happy I could have cried. Just make sure you use a lot of conditioner (you may be alarmed how dry your hair feels after the color oops) but when I put the next color in and used the conditioner, it felt wonderful. My hair has been fine since and it's April now. Hopefully this helps as I really appreciated finding this product from someone else's post.

  • Kenny1021 - Cool Volleyball

    I bought this so that my intramural team could practice with it. It's a really good volleyball to play with, and of course it's cool that it has Wilson from Cast Away on it.

  • Amazon Customer - Loving it!

    I really love this game but I am starting to resent having to either have a Facebook or being required to login to Facebook to maintain levels on any game. I enjoy the game immensely though despite some of the irritations.