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  • https://www.emilyskye.com/blog/post/492/skip-yourself-slim Skip yourself slim! - Emily Skye - Do you remember lining up to use the skipping rope in school? Learning all the fun rhymes that went with it and trying to master things like the double rope skip, or seeing how many people you could skip the same rope? As a kid it doesn’t really seem like exercise, because you are too busy having fun.…
  • https://www.emilyskye.com/blog/post/491/5-exercises-to-help-you-lose-those-love-handles 5 exercises to help you lose those love handles - Emily Skye - Toning that muffin-top area can be a little challenging, and I know that for many women, including myself, that is one of the first places that extra weight appears! It is normal for women to have a higher body fat ratio than men, because we have a lower basal fat oxidation rate, which is the measure of fat…
  • https://www.emilyskye.com/blog/post/490/quinoa-and-fruit-bowl Quinoa and fruit bowl - Emily Skye - Looking for a fresh, delicious breakfast idea that will pump you full of energy for your busy day ahead? This gluten free breakfast provides you with all the key nutrients you need to get you up and going, plus it is so easy to make! I have made some fruit suggestions here; however you can tailor the recipe…
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  • John Reilly - Concise classic

    I had used this i high school, and wanted to brush up. This is not a style manual like MLA, but rather general guidelines for vigorous, clear writing. This is a very short book, and is full of rules that you will remember, and use.

  • Cheryl Mohr - It's REALLY cool. The left/right click on the mouse is really ...

    let me tell you about it! It's REALLY cool. The left/right click on the mouse is really easy and sensitive, but not too sensitive. It's just perfect for my COD4 MW2 playing. I love the feel that my hand has when it rests on the mouse. The cord is a lot better than my old [G5] mouse... The two side buttons are perfect sizes for my thumb too... The symbol on the mouse glows on and off 24/7. It doesn't drift. My brother saw this mouse and thought it was really cool too. The mouse laser is awesome, and it moves with the SLIGHTEST movement of your hand. I like the symbol on the mouse too.

  • John Armstrong - Great read

    I wasn't sure what to expect but the author drew me in quickly. Built a few characters early on that became the focus of the story. I really enjoyed this but didn't expect too. That said, I am a Sci-Fi and Sci-Fantasy fan but its been a while I read something I enjoyed. I will be picking up more books by this author

  • Amazon Customer - Protection with storage!

    Great protection with the added bonus that it holds four cards (ID and credit) plus can hold a small amount of folded paper money. While it's hard to open when you first start using it, the hidden storage compartment access is reasonably easy and has not accidentally opened.

  • OneRustyOne - This is WILD

    Perfect for allowing the child to come out! Quiet times for the grandma and loud for grandpa! Took all of 5 minutes to install!