eMarketservices. ICEX. Toda la Información para que las empresas utilicen los mercados electrónicos como canal de negocio - eMarket Services (ICEX) facilita a las empresas la localización y el uso de mercados electrónicos en los negocios internacionales. Nuestra misión es facilitar a empresas, especialmente a las pymes, la utilización de los mercados electrónicos como canal de negocio. Emarket Services proporciona conocimiento e información sobre mercados electrónicos de todo el mundo. Dispone de una base de datos con más de 2.000 mercados electrónicos analizados, que permite consultas por sector y mercado; informes y artículos de interés; información sobre seminarios, ejemplos de experiencias de empresas en el uso de estos mercados y material de formación para ayudar a las empresas a comprender las oportunidades, riesgos y tendencias asociadas al uso de los mercados electrónicos.

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  • Daniel - good but not great

    Not bad at all. I was hoping for a little more of something...seemed a little low budget or something. Overall entertaining but not something I would watch over and over. Probably say you need to see it if you are a Rock fan, but not ground breaking by any means.

  • edwin cotto - All my equitment are protected and Norton always notificates me ...

    All my equitment are protected and Norton always notificates me what happens online and what threats were removed. I am not a tech and I've removed many threats.

  • R. Hoskins - Maptitude GIS

    Maptitude is the best deal in the GIS world for users who need or could need – and might not know it yet - full GIS functionality but have a restricted budget and little time for training. I have taught GIS software of several vendors for almost 20 years for use in public health. Of the 3 or 4 most important packages Maptitude is definitely the easiest to use and compared to others, inexpensive. I cannot think of a GIS operation that it cannot do and in fact most operations which are complicated especially for beginners are almost simple in Maptitude. It is a package that one can learn on one’s own. The on-line user manual is the best in the business and on the Caliper.com site there are lots of very well done instructional videos. It comes with a lot of world data and a very complete suite of U.S. datasets. But there is a version for the United Kingdom, also Australia, Brazil, several more. Also it has a very nice interface with Google map. You can make professional quality maps right out of the box. Of course what you want to map is your own data and doing that while using the provided base maps makes for a very complete and sophisticated spatial analysis package.

  • harvey - Read the fine print first!!!

    Be sure to read the fine print!!! The reason it's so expensive is because there is no remote control, it just comes with a small Taiwanese man who changes the channel and services the tv for you. He conveniently fits behind the tv when not in use, though his feet do stick out a little. But mine is getting rather old now and is still not potty trained, I have complained to Samsung about this and they just told me that he is is not part of the warranty. So 5 stars for the tv, but I'm taking 2 stars off for the little man.

  • Liz D. - Naturally straight look

    UPDATE: Since writing the previous five star review, the straightener stopped turning on after maybe ten uses. Currently in the process of seeking a refund.


    Any traveler appriciates the detail of web addresses, hotels and travel information. He helps me and my travel mates look like we know what we are doing. At the end of a trip there are always "We should have..." "this did not go as planned...." but with Rick Steves and a little work a head of time some of the obstacles are headed at the pass.