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  • http://www.eidon.com/cm/heavy-metal-toxicity-and-detoxification-protocol/ Heavy Metal Toxicity and Detoxification Protocol - Heavy metal detoxification can be quite difficult to accomplish. It can take a long time and if not done right can be very uncomfortable.
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  • http://www.eidon.com/the-germ-theory-of-disease-medicine-re-analyzed/ The Germ Theory of Disease (Medicine) Re-analyzed - An alternative view to the germ theory from a broad nutritional perspective. The objective is to stimulate thought and arrive at an understanding of what actually controls and maintains
  • http://www.eidon.com/silica-quiz/ How to tell whether or not you need Silica - Take this short Silica quiz to find out if you could be lacking this important mineral.

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  • Jack Paine - Good for adults with dry skin, too!

    Finally, a soap that doesn't dry my face. I am an adult who uses this as a face wash, and so far I love it. Everything I tried dried my face to the point of peeling skin. After about 3 weeks of steady use, this is the best of them. Even the Neutrogena Gentle Face Wash that my dermatologist recommended dried me out after a week.

  • Lou Cura - I use these not only on my Skeeter Vax, ...

    I use these not only on my Skeeter Vax, but on a bucket near my horse corral. Flies flock to them. Fast shipping.

  • Workout warrior - For starters it smells super super good so if you want to get something ...

    I am a complete hair product type of kind of gal and living in Hawaii we have a lot of moisture that goes on. I have Hawaiian and Okinawan hair and if you don’t know what that means it means thick!!! When I get out of the water and try to brush my hair there will be knots on knots on knots!! And because I am so active and am in the water a lot of the times I have noticed that I using this product right after getting out of the water and using the showers at the beach then spraying this in my hair it completely helps. For starters it smells super super good so if you want to get something to eat at least your hair smells good and secondly it detangles really well without even using too much product. I have pretty long hair and I use maybe about 10 sprits and it is well covered. I only spray the mid to end section and then brush through my hair.

  • Sanil Nair - Great way to get in some cardio!

    Fun to play and a great work out! Some of the songs are a little dated and there are a few that I have never heard of. Still a really fun game! I have the Playstation Camera set up so we don't have to use our cell phones. By the end of the third dance, my wife and I were both already sweating! Lots of fun and a great workout as well!

  • Seth P. - "This is honestly, easily the most noticeably effective supplement I've ever taken.."

    I've struggled with anxiety issues throughout life, and I'm now a 21 year old adult male and I found this product to work like no other.. It's a powder you put in a drink, works best with hot water, and it really helps chill me out. I get the unflavored stuff, which already has a slight citrus tang to it, but there are many flavors as well and I've tried a few. Goes good with stuff like tea, honey and apple cider vinegar, I add chia seeds to it as well sometimes. I'd highly recommend as it is a magnesium supplement that apparently has high absorption and from my experience I can truly FEEL.. Within minutes too! :) I've taken other forms of Magnesium, like Magnesium oxide in pill form, and didn't notice any effects, this however, really works. This is honestly, easily the most noticeably effective supplement I've ever taken.. I bought a 16oz about three months ago, and I've taken it every night, save for less than five nights I might've skipped over the months, and I just restocked because I'm just now running low. Admittedly, I due take a smaller dose than recommended but that just goes to show how great this stuff is.. A half dose or so before bed every night, does wonders. There are many factors in life, but since I started taking this, I don't really have anxiety attacks, I don't really freak out, I just roll with my life, even when it gets hard. It's not that I don't care about stressors, I just don't freak out so much when they come up. It's like this supplement has helped inject reason and realism into me when I reach a struggle, and thus it makes those struggles less of a struggle. Like I mentioned earlier, I only take it once a day, before bed, and it seems to have lasting effects that help with brain function and anxiety levels, it's only the immediate effects that are strong enough to make me chill into a sleep, but overall I'd say it helps me become more of the functional human I'd like to be. I hope someone or many find this review helpful. :)

  • Karen Blackert - Fits just like the original!!

    Easy to install, looks just like the original (minus the Toyota logo). Very happy with the purchase. Only wish I could buy a single instead of all 4.