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  • Amadeus - worst soccer game ever!!

    I have been a fifa fan since the 2010 world cup game; which was amazing. So i bought the fifa 14 this year and also tried the 2014 world cup. The players in this game are extremely sluggish, passes are laggy, and graphics are pretty much the same compare to 4 years ago. Although FIFA 14 was widely complained because of its poor gameplay, EA has never cared about the opinions from its fans and decided to use the same mechanics in the 2014 WORLD CUP. Now it is the time for EA to pay it back for being so reckless. I would say that EA showed no respect to its fans for releasing this trash. Sorry EA, but i will not buy another FIFA game new in the next two years!!

  • Nikkiannz - Really good book!

    I bought this book because I love natural stuff. I have to admit I was a little skeptical starting out but am very pleasantly surprised! My husband and I started the Alpha Lipoic and within a week he started having benign cysts that he has had on his scalp for about ten years start to clear up, we added his Curcumin and it continued to get better. I have had my skin started looking really really good and I have a brother-in-law that has problems with gout and I thought let's give it a shot, he took one pill and the next day his pain was completely gone! We have given it to two other people with gout and they have had the same amazing results and these were people who had pain non-stop for 90 days. I cannot wait to start adding the other supplements and see how much better we can feel! I think this book is a must have~ and by the way, I do not put reviews out on just anything for those who might think I just put it up to make it sound good, I do not know anyone affiliated with the company in any way, shape, or form! PS for those who worry about buying the exact brand, we have not used them and have still had great results, I purchase from a company online that has been in business for over thirty years and they have great prices, I do not think I am allowed to put their name on here though. Good Luck!

  • Tawny Pena - You Want this Car Seat!

    Great Car seat for a one year old. Love the safety and durability of this brand. Love that it is heavy duty.

  • Shirley Tompkins - Just Ok!

    I thought it would have me going to the restroom more to eliminate toxin in my body, but it didn't. I only went to the restroom once a day which is no different than before taking the cleanse.