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  • Marcea B - Not at all like a regular Frankincense EO

    I ordered quite a few oils from this company, and have subsequently left reviews for all of them. I feel as though I'm repeating myself, but this oil cannot be 100% natural. Upon opening the bottle, you can notice that it has a very chemical-like smell that is much different from a "normal" frankincense smell. I typically only use frankincense on scars and in the oil diffuser, so I did the latter, even though I knew upon opening that it wouldn't have the desired effect. My bedroom was filled with this industrial cleaner smell immediately after the oil started to heat up. I wasn't about to put that on my skin to test any results.

  • Magilla Gorilla - HOLD OFF FOR THE NEW MODEL

    Look I know it is a "Must Have" like the annual Iphone upgrade, newest version of windows and the latest model Ferrari, but if what I read in Technology World magazine is true, you want to wait on the Hutzler 572 Turbo. It is a serious upgrade over the 571, and lets be honest here, you do not want your neighbor showing off theirs, while all you have is the old 571? Sort of like that time you bought that 500lb Tube HDTV, and then your neighbor hung his Plasma on the wall a mere 2 months later. Besides rumor has it, the Hutzler 572 Turbo has an interactive app for Android.

  • My2Cents - Worth every penny!!!

    I like to straighten my hair with a straightening iron once in a while. Since my hair is naturally curly AND I live in the hot humid weather of Georgia, it is difficult to find a product that will maintain smoothness and banish frizz when I want to wear it straight. After appyling BioSilk to my hair, I had to run an errand. Not only was it humid outside, but it was also misting rain. My hair remained smooth and frizz free!

  • Jay Wojnas - With that said I am very disappointed with Sole

    I will start off by saying I bought my treadmill from another vendor. With that said I am very disappointed with Sole. I had my treadmill for a month and then it started making a very loud banging noise. I called the 800 number and they said they thought it was the roller. So after waiting about a week and a half I got the part. When the tech got here and took the machine apart it was actually the belt. So almost 2 weeks later I got the correct part. Now the tech cannot come out for another week and a half. So I have had my treadmill 2 months and it has been broken for half of that time. I was looking to buy an elliptical as well and was looking at Sole. I will now buy another brand. It is great to have an awesome warranty. But only if there is follow through and you actually get people's treadmills fixed. So buy this treadmill if you hope it never breaks. Because if it does you will be waiting forever to get it fixed.

  • Elizabeth Reichenbach - did not order this

    I did NOT order this nor would I ever. This showed up on my kindle and was charged to my card. I have no intrest in this boring stupid magazine and I feel sorry for anyone who does. I am sure the only way this mag gets sold is by somehow sneaking it on people, like it did me. I HATE IT

  • H. R. Jurmann - Mostly useless

    I was quite happy with Roxio 7.5 but it would not work in Windows 7 so I bought the Roxio 2011. It was a massively bloated file, difficult to create CDs from my LP collection. Installation gave me the lot and did not allow a 'Custom' installation so most of it was useless to me. Finally, to cap it off, it caused my 'air card' to malfunction so that I could not connect to the net. As a consequence, I had to uninstall (air card connection returned immediately) and now have a useless program. How bad can it get?

  • James J - Could be a lot better

    I had used a previous version of the software and had been very happy with it at that time, but wish I hadn't bought this.