Advanced Chiropractic Center Of Woodbridge Inc. - Advanced Chiropractic Center Of Woodbridge Inc. is the office of Dr. Romano, a licensed chiropractor, in Avenel, NJ providing chiropractic services to the community.

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  • Shawntanise S. - Love it, but gets dirty very quickly.

    This case is great for extra lighting in your selfies and I love the fact that the light it is adjustable. BUT, this case gets dirty VERY quickly and there's no real advice on how to clean it. I found out if you take extra strength nail polish remover and some cotton rounds it'll get the job done, but I feel like they should have some information on how to clean this case.

  • tworats - Stopped working and couldn't even keep time

    Full disclosure - I bought this at Costco, not Amazon. Ultimately though it didn't matter, because like so many others it ended up being returned. It brewed coffee well enough, but the clock was gaining 5min a day and couldn't even keep time. Then, the pump started acting up at around two months old, and 1 week later it stopped working altogether. Wow, what a steaming pile of turd.

  • Cranky Cuss - Ideal for either a few minutes or a few hours of free time

    Dan Lewis’ “Now I Know” daily email is always one of the highlights of my day, bringing stories I’ve never heard, facts I never knew, and answers to questions I didn’t know to ask. The book version, bringing 100 new stories, verifies that the world can be a strange and unpredictable place. My favorites: the one-armed man convicted of clapping (an illegal form of protest in Belarus), how the U.S. government came to own a percentage of any sequel to “The Passion of the Christ,” the fate of the first American flag planted on the moon, and the strip of African land no country wants to claim. It’s ideal for either long or short stretches of time.

  • Michael - Good for the hair you have

    I used this product for a year...six months twice a day and six months once a day. I am female and the hair on my crown is very thin. I would say this product contributed to the overall health of the hair I have because my hair is very healthy, but it didn't really give me an abundance of new hair in the places where I am thinning. Now, I must say from the beginning of my journey to retrieve my hair, Viviscal was just part of my arsenal which included only natural shampoos and conditioners, and I have gained some hair back but sadly not all. I think it's just a combination of everything I'm doing and not one thing because I'm working really hard to hold on to my hair. I don't regret using Viviscal, but I'm done.