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  • Julia DeLong - Pretty good

    Not every recipe seems like it belongs here. It tells you how to make bacon and other simple things. I mean that's okay for beginners and stuff but this cook book doesn't seem like it's for beginners. Also if it were to include recipes like that I feel like it should include difficulty ratings on the recipes.

  • Karl R. Schultz - Pain to install - most effective

    Putting these on the SkeeterVac is a pain in the duckus, but these might be the most effective part of the SkeeterVac system.

  • michael momparler - over simplification of handling serious behavioral issues

    Common sense for sale; anything offered by this program you probably heard a thousand times from from various parents or came to realize from your own life experiences. Their suggestions (all common sense) are suitable for managing the many of the challenges of child rearing with normal, healthy children but it's absurd to believe that simple solutions and "tough love" (as advertised) will result in the behavioral changes for seriously emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children/adolescents AND to get these results over seven weeks. Give me a break! You buy/believe that then you deserve to waste your money on this crap.

  • E. Zuniga - A Disjointed Effort from Michael

    It's been clear for a while now that Michael Buble has been looking out to branch away from the standards that launched his career into his own brand of pop. From his debut to Nobody But Me, Michael's albums have steadily featured more and more on his own pop songs and away from the "safe pop" of Call Me Irresponsible's "Everything." But this exposes a problem that is especially prevalent in Nobody But Me: the standards he continues to do combine with his own pop songs (themselves which have become increasingly exploratory of more genres such as rap) combine to make for an uneven album. It's as if Michael tries to have it both ways - relying on his bread and butter standards, while also really trying branch out into pop. While I reside in the "standards" camp, I can understand Michael in not wanting to limit his career to simply singing other's songs. However, what made his earlier pop songs like "Everything" great was that they seamlessly combined with the rest of the album in a complementary and cohesive effort, in a way that they don't in Nobody But Me.

  • Amazon Customer - AWESOME, AMAZING, Best Buy of the year so far

    I love essential oils and having pleasant smells in each room of our home. I've bought several Diffusers that ended up being cheaply made, hard to on a of and diffult to set up. This is AMAZING. It is well made with simple, clear intructions and put out more of the scented mist than any diffuser I have owned to date. I'm going to want one for all the rooms in my home.

  • D. Yang - Tech Support goes to a Foreign Country that's hard to understand

    Aweful tech support. I had to hang up on them 3 different times in order to get someone with a descent English. Still they transfered me to someone else and they couldn't figure out why my credit card couldn't be authorized for their online back-up service. They insist it was my credit cards. I tried 3 credit cards. I called the credit card companies while I was on the phone with Intuit and all 3 said it was fine just to prove to them. Intuit simply said to try it another day. They had no solution. AVOID THIS SOFTWARE if possible. Read the other reviews.

  • Booksquire - I'm Embarrassed

    Not enough Biotin to do anything for one's hair and I feel embarrassed to have purchased it for my skin. In theory drinking liquid collagen would be a nice miracle. In practice - well just save your money! Shame on all of us who buy into this nonsense. Youth in a grape syrup liquid. smh. They dont even have to try to come up with something plausible anymore. I'd fall for anything. :(