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  • Carla Fister - Singer is like Sony

    I say that because both are trusted brands that I've used repeatedly and they've never let me down. This is not a fancy, 'do everything' machine but it does exactly what I need it to do. Even though the outer case is plastic and it, thankfully doesn't weigh as much as the old machines, it still has a good sturdiness to it since the insides are all metal.

  • Rural King Supply - If you are a business, then consider another licensing ...

    If you are a business, then consider another licensing option. Open License for example. This product has to be bound to a Microsoft account. Problem is if you are not actively using this account, Microsoft deletes the account due to inactivity and you loss your license. I have spent upwards of 16 hours on the phone with a multitude of Microsoft departments and personnel and none of the licenses we lost could ever be restored.

  • ForensicBeanCounter - All I need for a close shave

    This electric shaver, when used with a pre-shave oil, is all I need for a close shave. I compared the shave quality of the Norelco with a Gillette Mach 3 and found that the Norelco is just about as good. It's easier to touch-up with the Mach 3, but overall I think the shave quality is equal. The benefit of the Norelco to me is that I can get that shave in less than half the time it takes with a regular razor. I have to stress, though, that I consider the pre-shave oil to be a necessity when using this shaver.

  • Christine A. Stclair - Save Your Money You Won't Get A Refund

    I heard the commercials on the radio so I called. I was sure to ask if Amberen would interfere with my high blood pressure medication. Note that Amberen's active ingredient is a type of salt and consuming high quantities of salt when you have high blood pressure is not recommended. I was told that Amberen would not interfere with my blood pressure medication. After taking Amberen faithfully according to the instructions, I developed a really bad case of constant thirst and dry mouth. It stopped about a week after I stopped taking it. I called and asked for my money back and I was told to continue taking the remainder of the Amberen! They didn't want to give me back my money! Bottom line, the so called "nurse" who answers your questions in all likelihood is not a nurse but a minimum wage high school drop out, forget about the money back guarantee and don't risk having a stroke by ingesting copious amounts of sodium!