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  • Kristin Lewis - LOVE!!

    Recently I found a bald spot on the top of my head, alopecia areta. I went to the dermatologist and he said it could be stress or there could be something in my daily routine that's irritating my scalp and causing it to inflame. I decided to go chemical free, I searched for products and found this ordered it. I have curly hair and was afraid this would make my hair look flat, it did the opposite! after the first use my hair had and continues to have so much body!! I used to have to use mouse to get it this way and My curls are more defined!!! The smell is nice and soothing, I found a lot of people say it's too strong I personally don't think so, I can barely smell it in the shower and when i do Get a wif it's soothing. Will definitely keep purchasing. & recommend

  • AlkiVista1 - Great Package if You Can Install It

    I was forced to upgrade to Creator 2012 Special Edition after spending untold hours trying to fix Easy Media Creator 10 which suddenly stopped working after years of problem free function and instead insisted MPEG-2 Codec be installed to use it. I tried every series of steps out there to get it back to working. Finally I got the news that this problem is probably not solvable, plus Roxio is no longer supporting this version. So here I am with Creator 2012 Special Edition. So far I have made 6 unsuccessful tries to get a successful installation. The first 2 just hung about half-way thru without leaving a clue. More recently, after a thorough cleansing of my PC of every smidgen of anything related to Roxio, I am getting almost 2/3 through the install before it kicks me out and rolls back the whole works. Get this though. An exact quote of the unbelievable error message "You Must Install Roxio Creator 2012 Before installing the content". This is from the "install wizard" which Roxio generated, not me. After extensive reading of untold blogs, user communities etc, etc, the only sure way of getting a trouble free installation is to reformat your hard drive and reinstall Windows, and then go straight to installing your Roxio product. If there is any residue of any previous version of their products on your machine your chances of success are a roll of the dice. If you feel up to that level of effort, then I applaud you. As for me, after all that, I'm giving it one more try, then I'll be taking it back for a refund.

  • superpage - Range is so bad, earbuds are useless

    The range on this is terrible. I like the earpiece design and feel, but the range is so bad that even the best design would be worthless. The music/podcast cuts in and out and crackles during the following conditions: